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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
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Not sure of the date. I read that rule 13 specifies within 45 days from the end of the quarter for 13-F disclosure, so I think it might even be tomorrow, Thursday 14th Feb. I imagine they'll leave it as late as possible to delay releasing information that may compromise their ability to keep purchasing new positions at cheap prices.

Looking backward over the last year we have the following four quarterly 13-F filing dates:

2018/11/14 = 31inOct + 14inNov = 45 days after 2018/09/30 quarter end
2018/08/14 = 31inJul + 14inAug = 45 days after 2018/06/30 quarter end
2018/05/15 = 30inApr + 15inMay = 45 days after 2018/03/31 quarter end
2018/02/14 = 31inOct + 14inNov = 45 days after 2017/12/31 quarter end

Looking at that, in the past year it's always exactly 45 days, so unless it's a non-working day or non-trading day and it gets brought forward to the working/trading day before, I imagine it will always be Valentine's day for the first of the year, 15th May for the second and 14th Aug and 14th Nov for the others. Any later without good reason or special dispensation and presumably Berkshire would fall foul of the SEC.

However, I've seen people posting elsewhere (e.g. comments about Apple on a Charlie Munger fans' Facebook Group) that they think it will be Friday and I think I've seen it elsewhere too in comments. Mind you, I wouldn't expect most people care enough to be aware of the 45-day rule and they're probably more used to the idea of publishing the 10-Q and 10-K filings on a Friday or Saturday after the markets have closed for the week so that everyone has time to digest them.

I'm strongly guessing late on 22nd February for the 10-K, though I'm not sure what the rules are and whether it could even extend to 1st March.

The other one I've read a little about in the filings seems to be 13-D and 13-G type filings. These apply where more than 5% of a class of stock is owned and I believe they have a much shorter time period (might have been 5 or 15 days or trading days) before they must be filed after the transition across the 5% barrier either way is known, when certain material events happen (e.g. Knauf's offer for USG), or when the percentage changes by about 1%. Sometimes, assuming Berkshire has not received an exemption from public disclosure for a specific position so long as they tell the SEC, we might be able to infer that a certain amount of buying has NOT happened within a certain period. For example, that they have not bought another 1% of Apple's outstanding common stock in the first part of January, which would not have been disclosed on tomorrow's 13-F.

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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
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Great analysis, Dynamic,

Thank you. I just looked at the filing of the EOP 2017Q4 13-F/HR at the SEC website. That was filed on February 14th 2018, and if you look carefully at it at the SEC website, it's attributed a time stamp for acceptance : "2018-02-14 16:03:31".

February 14th 2018 was a Wednesday. January in every year has the same number of days [31]. So, based on those observations, combined with the content of your last post, I will be surprised, if we don't see the 13-F/HR filing for EOP 2018Q4 after closing tomorrow.
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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
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Good spot, John. After tomorrow's close seems highly likely. For me that's on the evening of Valentine's Day so my attention will be focused on my wonderful wife, rather than on EDGAR, who would otherwise get named in divorce proceedings.   :P


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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #73 on: February 15, 2019, 06:15:59 AM »
There were a load of 13G filings as well as the 13-F filed on 14th Feb 2019. I looked at them all. These verified the total figures from adding NEAM and BRK filings and revealed whether pension trusts were holding some of them (which I then subtract to obtain shareholder ownership).

I made a mistake earlier by forgetting to remove adjustments I'd made to the Apple totals. The Apple total now matches on 13G compared to my Combined 13-F total (BRK + NEAM), so I've removed mt erroneous figures.

Summary of quarterly changes (see COMBINED HOLDINGS tab on spreadsheet when it is updated):
AAL_________ American Airlin…Group Inc ____unch _unchanged count
AAPL________ Apple Inc._______________ __-0.02% _________-51,697
AXP_________ American Express Co______ ____unch _unchanged count
AXTA________ Axalta Coating …stems Ltd ____unch _unchanged count
BAC_________ Bank of America…rporation ___2.10% ______18,919,000
BIT:CASS____ Società Cattoli…operativa ____unch _unchanged count
BK__________ Bank of New Yor…llon Corp ___3.79% _______3,087,774
CHTR________ Charter Communi…tions Inc __-5.45% ________-307,486
COST________ Costco Wholesale Corp____ ____unch _unchanged count
DAL_________ Delta Air Lines, Inc_____ ____unch _unchanged count
DEO_________ Diageo P L C Spon ADR New ____unch _unchanged count
DVA_________ DaVita HealthCa…tners Inc ____unch _unchanged count
GM__________ General Motors Co________ __77.78% ______19,808,285
GS__________ Goldman Sachs Group Inc__ ____unch _unchanged count
HCG_________ Home Capital Gr… (CANADA) ____unch _unchanged count
JNJ_________ Johnson & Johnson________ ____unch _unchanged count
JPM_________ JPMorgan Chase & Co______ __39.91% ______14,451,627
KHC_________ Kraft Heinz Co___________ ____unch _unchanged count
KO__________ Coca-Cola Co_____________ ____unch _unchanged count
LBTYA_______ Liberty Global …c Class A ____unch _unchanged count
LBTYK_______ Liberty Global …c Class C ____unch _unchanged count
LILAK_______ Liberty LiLAC Group C____ ____unch _unchanged count
LSXMA_______ Liberty Sirius … Series A ____unch _unchanged count
LSXMK_______ Liberty Sirius … Series C ____unch _unchanged count
LUV_________ Southwest Airls Co_______ __-2.44% ______-1,200,000
MA__________ MasterCard Inc___________ ____unch _unchanged count
MCO_________ Moody's Corporation______ ____unch _unchanged count
MDLZ________ Mondelez Intern…ional Inc ____unch _unchanged count
MTB_________ M&T Bank Corp____________ ____unch _unchanged count
NASDAQ:LILA_ Liberty LiLAC Group A____ ____unch _unchanged count
ORCL________ Oracle Corp______________ -100.00% _____-42,691,791
PG__________ Proctor and Gamble_______ ____unch _unchanged count
PNC_________ PNC Financial S…Group Inc __30.27% _______2,175,743
PSX_________ Phillips 66______________ _-22.92% ______-3,537,182
QSR_________ Restaurant Bran…ional Inc ____unch _unchanged count
RHT_________ Red Hat Inc______________ _**NEW** _______4,175,792
SHE:002594__ BYD Company Limited______ ____unch _unchanged count
SIRI________ Sirius XM Hldgs Inc______ ____unch _unchanged count
SNY_________ Sanofi (incl Eu…v shares) ____unch _unchanged count
STNE________ StoneCo Ltd._____________ _**NEW** ______14,166,748
STOR________ Store Capital Corp_______ ____unch _unchanged count
SU__________ Suncor Energy Inc New____ _**NEW** _________300,901
SYF_________ Synchrony Financial _____ ____unch _unchanged count
TEVA________ Teva Pharmaceut…td (ADR)  ____unch _unchanged count
TMK_________ Torchmark Corp___________ ____unch _unchanged count
TRV_________ Travelers Companies Inc__ __67.32% _______2,414,703
UAL_________ United Continen…dings Inc _-15.57% ______-4,045,900
UPS_________ United Parcel S…Inc (UPS) ____unch _unchanged count
USB_________ U.S. Bancorp_____________ ___3.20% _______4,385,739
USG_________ USG Corp_________________ ____unch _unchanged count
V___________ Visa Inc_________________ ____unch _unchanged count
VRSK________ Verisk Analytics Inc_____ _-75.84% ________-758,630
VRSN________ VeriSign Inc_____________ ____unch _unchanged count
VZ__________ Verizon Communi…tions Inc ____unch _unchanged count
WFC_________ Wells Fargo & Co_________ __-3.40% _____-15,806,898

I'm going to make the changes to the spreadsheet soon, but for now, these are the movements in the portfolio held for the benefit of Berkshire shareholders as I have them on my private version when I'm making the edits before putting them live.
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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #74 on: February 15, 2019, 08:02:18 AM »
I believe I've now updated both sheets to reflect the current known portfolio. The links in this old post will still work.

The spreadsheet I'd advise you to Make a copy of for your own use is:
Berkshire Hathaway Look Through Earnings & Holdings

The spreadsheet that is publicly editable by anyone (but anyone can see any edits you make, the edit history, or corrupt the spreadsheet) is:
Berkshire Look through earnings - Public editing allowed