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Quite an interesting book. I'm almost done with it (got the audio book, and it's only something like 11-12 hours, so at 2x speed it's quick) and it's a fascinating look into the White House and Trump, and how he thinks and makes decisions. We've seen a lot of events from the outside, but it's really something else to discover what was going on behind the scenes at the time. How the sausage is made, so to speak...

Woodward has obviously been talking for a couple years, as things happened, with something like 1/4 of the white house staff. It was clear for a long time that this is a super leaky ship and that everybody was talking to the media, but this shows that it's even more than that. You can kind of triangulate his sources by who was present during things... Pretty sure he has hundreds of hours of tapes with Bannon, Lindsey Graham, Cohn, Tillerson, maybe some with Kushner, Kelly, Matthis, McMaster (?), surely some staffers under them, etc.

From a purely investor point of view, it gives some insights into how Trump thinks about trade and the economy (service economy vs tangibles, etc) and the power struggles within the white house between various factions, and how the balance of power might have changed now because of the high turnover.

I highly recommend it. It's rare to get such an in-depth book about something almost as it's still going on rather than years later.

And please, no complaints from those who haven't read it yet... That's just fake news if you haven't read it.

Two questions

How many hacks have tried capitalizing on Trump fever with books?

How many people/organizations have made a ton of money off of the business of riding Trump's coattails since he became president? Wasn't Trump highhandedly responsible for reviving the NYT?

Good lord guys. At least read the book before commenting... that's how book discussions work.


--- Quote from: Cardboard on September 12, 2018, 07:38:26 PM ---So you spent additional dollars on confirmation bias?

It is funny but, I never bought books on Trump, Bush, Obama, Clinton nor any President for that matter.

Why not saving this money to buy a home that your wife can finally call her home?


--- End quote ---

Why do you always type cardboard at the bottom of your posts?

When I worked offshore, occasionally I'd have a mate show up with his name & the word CAPTAIN emblazoned on shirts, hats & coffee cups to let everyone know he's not just a mate but he's a CAPTAIN.

These guys ALWAYS turned out to be douches.

With you it seems like a similar self conscious cry for recognition.

Are you not aware that posters are automatically recognized by looking slightly to the left of every post?

Maybe if you tried dialing back the douchiness you might develop some friends & consequent success instead of the bitterness & frustration you constantly exhibit.

I've finished the book. Quite clear that John Dowd also spoke to Woodward, tons of details there.

The overarching feeling that I'm left with on trade is that all of Trump's instincts are the opposite of free-trade. He used to be counter-balanced mostly by Cohn and Porter and these guys, but they're gone and now there's just Miller and Navarro adding fuel to the fire.

From things he's said and done, it's quite clear that he thinks trade accounts are actually profit & loss statements (as in, "we have a trade deficit with country X, we're losing money to them, they're stealing from us"). Doesn't understand how trade can be win-win because of comparative advantage, or that trade figures are basically revenue, and that if you import a bunch of low margin t-shirts and TVs and export a bunch of high-margin airplanes and softwares you can be making a lot more money per dollar even with a trade deficit, or that something "made in country x" doesn't mean that the value is staying there, ie. Apple products final assembly in China but most of the value going to the US, Japan, South-Korea, etc... His solution seems to be that the US should just make everything it needs and why do we need these other countries at all? Really superficial understanding of economics.


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