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Re: Fairfax 2018
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"Seaspan, the world’s largest non-operating containership owner, has announced its first significant investment outside the sector, suggesting it intends to diversify its business model."


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Re: Fairfax 2018
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Under its existing normal course issuer bid, Fairfax has purchased 700,539 of its Subordinate Voting Shares, which included Subordinate Voting Shares reserved for share-based payment awards, through open market purchases on the TSX during the last twelve months at a weighted average price per share of Cdn.$667.29. Fairfax has not purchased any Preferred Shares under its existing normal course issuer bid. (Fairfax has spent  $467,462,669.31 on share repurchases in the last year)

I can't see that many share purchases on  How else can FFH repurchase without reporting them on ?   Or am I not seeing them for a different reason?


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Re: Fairfax 2018
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I am dying to find out if they got more aggressive in buying back their stock during this selloff.  Earlier today, I just bought a large slug of stock at usd$501.  (I couldn't help myself)   I am very very pleased they repurchased close to half a billion in stock in the last year.  I definitely was not expecting that!!!

Excellent buy back prices!

While many do not pay attention to buy backs it is the secret math to a high share
Price over the longer term. Fairfax has reached critical mass....and I believe will follow Singleton’s Teledyne model as long as we are cheap.
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