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Re: Fairfax - General News
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Russians don't wait for climate change, they act and ship from worst conditions than Churchill:

Unfortunately, this country prefers giving away $15 billion/year to U.S. refiners and its citizens instead of finding ways to ship oil and its resources to other countries.

U.S. "eco" donors truly found a way to kill Canada: train/support protesters with maybe $10 million. This is no conspiration theory, it is easy to find publicly who donates to these various organizations such as Natives and ecolos.

Then after that kill NAFTA.

Soon enough the property market will crash and many will go hungry.


Then the Russians are fools.  Churchill has a shipping season of 90 or 100 days without foolish government intervention in the form of breaking ice for a few thousand miles.  If we wanted to get into that business, we'd be further ahead breaking ice on lake Superior and running a pipeline to thunder Bay.  At least there's a 280 day shipping season there on the lakes.  But both of those concepts are unrealistic.  For an oil pipeline, you'd need 300 days at a minimum.

I agree with all of the sentiments about the Eco freaks and the influence of foreign money.



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Re: Fairfax - General News
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Did they break even on those lawsuit yet?


By that, I guess you mean the basic NPV question of legal costs and settlements.
But did they have a choice?
Once the 2006 lawsuit was launched, most "critics" were silenced and I'd say that was a good thing.
I would also say that this wasn't about winning, it was about not losing.

"In July 2006 -- after nearly four years of having been the target of a relentless campaign of false rumors, dirty tricks, harassment, and market manipulation by certain short-selling hedge funds and those working with them --Fairfax had no choice but to institute a lawsuit to stop this illegal conduct."

"Thus, when Fairfax's reputation was attacked through the spread of false rumors, not only its short-term success, but its entire existence, was threatened."

That 2006 period with restatements and all, in retrospect, was an excellent contrarian period. And I didn't mind the large legal costs.


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Re: Fairfax - General News
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