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Re: Fairfax India new issue
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Kempegowda international airport sees 32.8% jump in passenger traffic

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KIA has also reported a record 98,869 passenger arrivals and departures on June 30, making it the busiest day since the airport commenced operations in 2008. KIA recorded a footfall of 26.9 million passengers in 2017-18.

Domestic and international passengers grew by 35.8% and 16.8%, respectively, between April and June this year. As many as 6.94 million domestic flyers and 1.08 million international travellers passed through the airport.

Fairfax India has paid for $653 million so far for 54% stake in the airport but currently carrying on the book at $643. I believe this significantly undervalues the airport which is growing at such a high rate and expected to grow with addition of new terminal and growth in Indian economy and especially Bangalore.

also what gets missed is the land around the airport ..the pace at which the city is expanding (exploding is a better term), this land is going to be very valuable.

air travel has become affordable for a very large segment of the population and its going to grow for some time


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Re: Fairfax India new issue
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BIAL annual report:

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