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  1. I Came of Age During the 2008 Financial Crisis. Iím Still Angry About It.
  2. What are you buying today?
  3. Dumbdee - The Goodmans, The Bad & The Ugly - 30% of NAV bargain?
  4. FNMA and FMCC preferreds. In search of the elusive 10 bagger.
  5. Opportunities in developping countries related to US tarifs on China exports
  6. The Case for Junk Bonds
  7. 1517 Fund
  8. Big Money Making Opportunity
  9. Chou going activist ;-)
  10. marijuana stocks
  11. Banking 2.0 & IFSR9
  12. Best Broker for OTC stocks - I need a recomendation
  13. Family firms outpace other public companies
  14. New Yorker article on Paul Singer -Elliott
  15. Chanos Nice Interview
  16. China's 'Social credit' system, digital totalitarism
  17. Old issues of Outstanding Investor Digest
  18. European banks
  19. Canadian Foreign Assets above 100K declaration
  20. Need Your Support!
  21. Cryptocurrencies
  22. Tiny
  23. what are you selling today?
  24. Looking for a job
  25. Finding jobs difficult in Canada?
  26. Inflation and the Asset Heavy Business
  27. Garth Turner - Real Estate in Canada
  28. Value of R&D
  29. The Death of CPG and the Future of Digital Ads
  30. Market Data Subscriptions
  31. Grantham on Emerging Markets and Career Risk
  32. Michael Mauboussin presentation at Google (video, 2014)
  33. Interesting article for the math/phys nerds:
  34. Barron's Magazine Opinions, Fans?
  35. Fundoo Professor: The Hedonic Treadmill
  36. EVA and goodwill
  37. CapIQ & FactSet Pricing?
  38. Profitability of College Football teams
  39. Where did the money come from for all of these old county courthouses?
  40. Tribe of Mentors? What's best purchase under $50?
  41. Podcast Idea Suggestions
  42. Greenlight Capital
  43. LEAP Puts on Sub Prime Auto Lenders
  44. Re: Great Job Cubs organization!
  45. Poll: Do you drink alcohol or do recreational drugs? Within the last week.
  46. Valuation methods yielding opposite outcomes
  47. Interview with Bill Nygren
  48. Narcissistic personality disorder
  49. Any good book recommendations on Risk Arbitrage?
  50. Li Lu on Weekly in Stocks