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  1. FNMA and FMCC preferreds. In search of the elusive 10 bagger.
  2. What are you buying today?
  3. Dumbdee - The Goodmans, The Bad & The Ugly - 30% of NAV bargain?
  4. Why are Russian stocks so cheap?
  5. Dirty Money on Netflix, episode 6
  6. One of the best World Cup
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Kylie Jenner rules
  9. Kerrisdale-Intelsat
  10. Value Investing in Europe
  11. Helping Aunt/Niece with financial education?
  12. Greenlight Q3 Letter
  13. Gurdon Wattles? Any Info Out There?
  14. Tom Jacobs; Huckleberry Capital Management; The Curious Case of Maurece Schiller
  15. Interview with Doug Mohn,
  16. Most Undervalued Assett Class/Sector
  17. Tepper/Panthers
  18. The Fermi Paradox
  19. How value-focused are the Tiger cubs
  20. So fed up
  21. Sequoia Fund Investor Day Transcript
  22. How long will you live?
  23. Austin Value Capital Compilations
  24. New Mohnish Pabrai Interview
  25. I Need a Laugh. Tell me a Joke. Keep em PC.
  26. Good article on holding periods
  27. Did anyone buy rental car insurance from Expedia or similar
  28. Interview with Brian Langis; Stock & Poutine
  29. The Big Vitamin D Mistake (not enough)
  30. European banks
  31. Who's at Fault for the Opioid Epidemic?
  32. Auditors - Corrupt and Incompetent
  33. GDPR
  34. Where is institutional value investing in London?
  35. "The Privilege of Knowledge" by Nick Maggiulli
  36. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Shorted Stock as Negative Coverage Loomed.
  37. Audio books and podcasts
  38. AI - Artificial Intelligence
  39. On bubbles
  40. is it possible to block a user on this site?
  41. Tax Lot Reports In IB
  42. Banking 2.0 & IFSR9
  43. A Better Healthcare System
  44. Visualization Exercises
  45. REITs- Why are they priced so low?
  46. Mohnish Pabrai (Dalal Street) 13F HR
  47. Cat Food and Nutrition
  48. Interview with Tony Deden (Edelweiss Holdings)
  49. Average Canadian richer than average american
  50. The Most Insane 10-Q I've ever read