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  1. FNMA and FMCC preferreds. In search of the elusive 10 bagger.
  2. Podcast Guest Ideas
  3. What are you buying today?
  4. New investing podcast (Scuttleblurb)
  5. New Yorker article on Paul Singer -Elliott
  6. Distributed scientific computing, do your part (winter's the perfect time)
  7. Cowboys shut up Saints
  8. Investment holdings
  9. How is a REIT shareholder taxed for US investors?
  10. Cryptocurrencies
  11. Asset rich but, cash poor
  12. Cap Rates Used in ROIC Calculations
  13. Huge amounts of non-recourse leverage possible?
  14. Rory Sutherland: Thought Cages
  15. AI - Artificial Intelligence
  16. Canadian Prefs
  17. Lower Corporate Taxes and long run EBIT Margins
  18. marijuana stocks
  19. Why would inverted yield curve happen and why would that lead to recessions?
  20. George Gilder Interview focusing on Capitalism and Creativity
  21. Can't understand insurance stocks (banks and reits) during rising rates - help
  22. Yield Curve Inverting
  23. Garth Turner - Real Estate in Canada
  24. SEDAR data into MS Excel
  25. Questions for Micro PE Podcast Project
  26. Monte Carlo Simulation
  27. Discount Rate for DCF
  28. Please help me understand QE
  29. I Need a Laugh. Tell me a Joke. Keep em PC.
  30. Koyfin -- financial data and visualization
  31. Private market valuation help?!
  32. Stanley Druckenmiller interview (2018)
  33. How to "unfollow" Politics on this site?
  34. Where is the artificial intelligence (AI)?
  35. Jeff Gundlach - November 15 Conference Call
  36. Best Wine For the Buck
  37. Social Media/FB/Instagram and The Rise of the Instant Pot
  38. European banks
  39. 'Why Your Mentors Seem Less Impressive Over Time'
  40. Rational Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Observed Betting Patterns on a Biase
  41. Here’s How America Uses Its Land
  42. Dumbdee - The Goodmans, The Bad & The Ugly - 30% of NAV bargain?
  43. Intellectual humility assessment
  44. Boring Bricks
  45. MLM's are getting more sophisticated?
  46. Presentation by Josh Wolfe of LUX
  47. The Triple Jeopardy of a Chinese Math Prodigy
  48. Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy/smartphone destroyed a generation?
  49. Happy Thanksgiving!
  50. Any good online Black Friday deals?