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  1. FNMA and FMCC preferreds. In search of the elusive 10 bagger.
  2. What's your favorite quotes from books and guru investors
  3. Japanese Basket
  4. What are you buying today?
  5. Garth Turner - Real Estate in Canada
  6. Alan Krueger (1960-2019)
  7. MS Excel - Tips, tricks, Qs & As etc.
  8. Michael Mauboussin presentation at Google (video, 2014)
  9. Liberty Family - What To Own??
  10. Movies and TV shows (general recommendation thread)
  11. Interview with Marc Andreessen
  12. Great post on complexity vs simplicity by Jim O'Shaughnessy
  13. New Yorker article on Paul Singer -Elliott
  14. KKR: Omaha on the Hudson
  15. what are you selling today?
  16. AI - Artificial Intelligence
  17. The 400% Man!
  18. "The Twenty Craziest Investing Facts Ever"
  19. 'An Optometrist Who Beat The Odds To Become A Billionaire'
  20. Dumbdee - The Goodmans, The Bad & The Ugly - 30% of NAV bargain?
  21. Canyon Partners Co-Chairman Friedman on CRE, Credit Markets and Exposure to Risk
  22. Teen hedge fund manager - Wohl Capital
  23. Bill Gurley talk at University of Texas (sept. 2018)
  24. "Nothing Happens, Then Everything Happens"
  25. "The Risk Of Low Growth Stocks"
  26. A Behind the Scenes Take on Lithium-ion Battery Prices
  27. David Webb - The 20%-a-Year Stock Picker Who Wishes His Edge would disappear.
  28. Exchange Routing Question
  29. Qualitative Analysis
  30. Conglomerates
  31. My town has REAL troubles!
  32. FCIC interviews: Burry, Buffett, Grant, Soros, Dimon, Gross, Robertson, etc, etc
  33. Pricing vs cost advantages
  34. Reasons for writedowns on intangible assets
  35. Space X
  36. Best Way to keep track of our Favorite Cos
  37. Bill Gates interview
  38. Interview with Sam Altman (podcast & transcript)
  39. All about taxation
  40. Will the true value please stand up?
  41. Lyft S-1
  42. Exclusive Interview with Tom Russo
  43. Talk by Don Valentine (2010, founder of Sequoia Capital)
  44. AirBnB - likely 2019 IPO
  45. Bill Gross Interview
  46. USA GDP
  47. Useless trends
  48. Western Digital Seems Extremely Cheap
  49. Climate change hoax from a Nobel Laureate
  50. Start Up ideas - where to look for