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I do wonder how big Twitch can get and how many people are interested in watching a person play the same games every day. I don't see much viewer growth from the big streamers in the last six months. The hype from a game like Fortnite dies down over time and the viewers and subscribers leave as well. The streamer Ninja on Twitch dropped from 200k+ subs a couple of months ago to less than 100k today.

I think this also has to do with people discovering smaller streamers as a game grows. A person just getting into a new game may subscribe first to a big name streamer like Ninja but then decide to sub to a different streamer after a month or two. I'd be curious to see the figures for total streamers/viewers for a game like Fortnite as I think that has likely grown significantly while individual streamers who had a large following are losing some of those to other up and coming streamers.
I doubt this is the case. There are strong "winners take most" effects in place for streamers where a small group of streamers will get most of the viewers and subs. Sure, there is a long tail and increasing overall viewership for Twitch means that more and more people can make a living from streaming games. The big guys will always grab the bulk of the viewers though. If they've not been growing for a while that is not a good sign for Twitch overall, including the smaller streamers.

Twitch also just announced they'll be taking away ad-free viewing from their Twitch Prime members: I think that also indicates that they need that extra ad income so they can redistribute it to smaller streamers. Taking a step like that is not a sign of growth and strength for the platform.