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Re: What are you buying today?
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RCII trades at 12% spread to acquisition offer. Rejection by the board would indicate BoD's (controlled by activist investor) conviction in turnaround and far higher valuation. So hard to see reasons for such spread to exists.
More detailed discussion here:

I posted the above few days ago. Today's news RCII agreed to be acquired for $15/share - much more favorable outcome than expected.
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Re: What are you buying today?
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Re: What are you buying today?
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Re: What are you buying today?
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I've sold my entire Apple (AAPL) position today at around $188.42 USD (140.73 GBP) leaving me about 28.4% cash (previously 0.13%), 68.4% BRK.B, 2.2% my spouse's ShareSave employee option scheme, and a tiny few dribs and drabs in HPE, HPQ etc.

This is not a bearish move on AAPL, although I may have estimated that I was selling near a short-term high, hoping not to lose too much in the many days it may take to shift the proceeds to their new home and possibly reinvest at least some of it into AAPL.

I wanted to sell a small proportion of my BRK.B holding to add to the AAPL proceeds I want to shift to its new home, hopefully repurchasing most or all of that BRK.B in a few days within this new account. I decided I'd hold out until BRK.B was a little higher before doing so, as it seems particularly cheap right now.

So I figured I'd take a bit of a short-term punt and put the AAPL proceeds into BRK.B while it was so cheap and maybe gain a couple of percent with luck without too much downside risk and no tax consequences, before I aim to make the sale and transfer the proceeds to their new home.

Uncharacteristically, just this once, I'm acting like a day-trader! I won't make a habit of it!

I sold that short-term BRK.B over a week ago at a bit over $194, roughly break-even measured in GBP (the exchange rate has moved quite a bit though). I then waited for it to settle, withdrew the money in GBP, and transferred it to the alternative investment I mentioned and also have some in our new, more flexible, but not tax-sheltered joint investment account where I can hold currencies like USD, use limit orders etc., file a W-8BEN to reduce my withholding tax and even employ margin if I wish. The currency moved against me a little at the time.

Today I restored much of my BRK.B position at an effective price of about $189.84, reducing my cash to essentially zero.
I made some losses in the GBP:USD exchange but offset them by the drop in BRK.B stock price, so my brief time out of the market having to withdraw and transfer cash is pretty much a wash, maybe fractionally in my favour.

Effectively over about 2-3 weeks (ignoring the initial money taken out of the picture for my alternative investment), the weightings among my discretionary stock portfolio have changed as follows:

WAS: about 26% AAPL & 70% BRK.B + 4% others
NOW: exactly 0% AAPL & 96% BRK.B + 4% others