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Excel Addin to pull prices from Bloomberg
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:38:39 PM »
I wanted to pull prices from Japanese stocks automagically in an Excel spread sheet. The SMF addin doesn't really work for Japan. I looked at thread on Google tips:

Its pretty great but I ran into problems with ImportXML and I preferred to use Excel. So I created my own addin using ExcelDNA and C#. The attached addin was meant to pull prices from Bloomberg but it also has functionality to pull data from any site using xpath selectors. There are two xll addins: one for 32-bit Excel and one for 64-bit Excel. In addition the Examples.xlsx contains examples of how the functions are called and the attached word document provides some documentation. I've also include a zip of my full visual studio project for those who want to modify it.

getPrice(ticker) – goes to Bloomberg page and grabs the price from that page using the selector //div[@class=’price’]

getName(ticker) – same as get price except that it grabs the name using the selector //h1[@class=’name’]

getBloombergAttribute(ticker, selector) - goes to Bloomberg page and grab text from xpath selector specified in function call

getAttribute(url, selector) – goes to arbitrary url and grabs text from whatever selector is specified in function call argument

The easiest and most useful one is getPrice. And an example call is:

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