Author Topic: a plea for help from Ericopoly  (Read 6148 times)


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Re: a plea for help from Ericopoly
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She forced me into a vocational evaluation and I rresponded in kind.

She has already had hers and has looked beyond upset lately.

Yesterday I had mine.  It has been 10+ years of retirement so my skills are considered 100% obsolete.

I have a math degree with a specialization in business and there are primarily government jobs where I now live.

She said it looks like 5 years of studying for a PhD in economics and then an entry level job making $50k-$70k.

She told me that my wife can work right away as she was previously a realtor.

Hah! Hah! Hah!

It is always darkest before the dawn.

But what if her lawyer argues that you have been so successful at investing that your investing skills suits you a job in a HF right away?
I am sure if you are looking for a trader job in a HF, people on this board will be lining up to offer you one.


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Re: a plea for help from Ericopoly
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Divorces are never fun.
You might as well start dating again since your marriage is over. There will be lots of eager women who would be happy to meet you.