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Re: AI - Artificial Intelligence
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Short and somewhat info-lite article. But has couple interesting thoughts that are important (and I agree with  ;))

GH: Iím an expert on trying to get the technology to work, not an expert on social policy. One place where I do have technical expertise thatís relevant is [whether] regulators should insist that you can explain how your AI system works. I think that would be a complete disaster.

People canít explain how they work, for most of the things they do. When you hire somebody, the decision is based on all sorts of things you can quantify, and then all sorts of gut feelings. People have no idea how they do that. If you ask them to explain their decision, you are forcing them to make up a story.

Neural nets have a similar problem. When you train a neural net, it will learn a billion numbers that represent the knowledge it has extracted from the training data. If you put in an image, out comes the right decision, say, whether this was a pedestrian or not. But if you ask ďWhy did it think that?Ē well if there were any simple rules for deciding whether an image contains a pedestrian or not, it would have been a solved problem ages ago.

Two thumbs up. BTW, what he said about people making up a story is also applicable to investing ... and investment forum discussions.  ;)
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