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Re: VIC for non-members
« Reply #10 on: April 13, 2018, 06:07:05 AM »
Quality on VIC used to be significantly better years ago. Nowadays, members just post something quickly to remain member. Many small-cap and illiquid ideas. Also, I have seen some write-ups on investments I had made before. There have been mistakes and I would suggest to do your own work. Pulling a full-blown idea from VIC for interviews is outright lazy btw (unless you just get the ticker and do your own thinking / work).

They used to have 250 members, so no surprise applications get rejected all the time.
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Re: VIC for non-members
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I knew someone on here (CoBF) who wrote a program to grind through the Investment Ideas forum and calculate returns.  Two things stuck out:

1) The shorter the thread the higher the returns
2) There were some people who created a lot of 1-2 post threads who killed it

He ran the same thing over VIC and got the exact same results.

And before anyone asks, no I will not share what was sent to me.  It was a few years ago, and I wasn't the one who wrote it.  Anyone with freshmen level programming experience should be able to do the same thing in a few hours.

The threads get longer probably while or after the stock tanks. So the longer-the-thread-worse-the-performance statistics, if used to predict the future performance of the stock, may be incorrect.

Not necessarily, from my experience. Because no one really posts how much they are down on their position, or talk about the negative news. It is mostly about catalyst talk.


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Re: VIC for non-members
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i think it is important to remember that just b/c an idea went up doesn't mean that your write up was good, or that you were correct in your analysis.  a lot of things have gone up over the last few years.  at the same time, there are alot of good write ups, that go up for the right reasons, that are just not what the VIC founders gravitate to.  focus on people's first ideas, and you will see that they are more along the lines of, "everyone thinks A, but actually B is true" or special situations.  everyone's first idea is reviewed by the VIC team, but once you are in, people can post crap to just maintain and they do.  i was a member for a few years, but i didn't want to post crap to just keep it live, and i had a long period w/o anything i wanted to write up.

it is also not true to say it doesn't cost greenblatt anything.  they give out 26 $5k checks a year, and they have an employee who i believe is full time working on maintaining the site.