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« on: July 10, 2018, 02:39:38 PM »

Article itself is pretty bland, but read the below and just kind of chuckled. Some guys, the wheels are just always turning.

"He is considering moving the team's practice facilities to South Carolina, in part to keep both states interested in the team. The Panthers currently practices on three fields within walking distance to their downtown stadium. Tepper said that valuable land could be then used for developmental purposes."

This guy just prints money. Even a football team he just paid 2.2B for, he's already finding value plays for.


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Re: Tepper/Panthers
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contrast this to the wilpons, who have acres of defunct car repair shops surrounding citifield, and who have tried to redevelop this (using eminent domain) for a decade


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Re: Tepper/Panthers
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That side of town needs a little work. It's essentially all industrial parking lots specifically devoted to game day parking. And as it seems the only thing that's getting built in Charlotte these days are apartments, I'm sure residents will love living right besides railroad tracks.