Author Topic: Did McDonalds Ever have a great burger?  (Read 3110 times)

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Re: Did McDonalds Ever have a great burger?
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I think Rory Sutherland, among others, has made some good statements about McDonald's which relates to your question.

"This conservatism applies to our taste in food: we feel very comfortable eating food which tastes identical to food we have eaten in the past, since the very fact that we are contemplating the decision is evidence that it did not kill us in the past. Ray Kroc, the former owner of McDonald's, spotted this tendency: "People don't want the best burger in the world," he stated, "they want one which tastes just like the one they had last time."

Love Rory Sutherland. As an other poster has raised.... when our visiting clients, the Golden Arches bathrooms are a savior.....medium quarter pounder meal and then on with business. Too easy. Sure, the food is pretty crap but itís not about that.