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Re: Video Gaming Industry
« Reply #10 on: July 11, 2019, 04:41:37 PM »
I would look at the e-sports area as well.

There was a blog post a few years back on the favorable economics of businesses which run industry conferences. I think it was in relation to Nielson or Reed Elsevier (now RELX). I forget the exact company.

But the jist was, organizing these trade conferences was a good business as you get paid up front by vendors and attendees, and it's a recurring item.

To that end, if I were to invest here I would invest in the growth of these e-sports event organizers.

The thing with gaming is, it's a lot like VC investing. Every year get tons of trash games but a few massive hits. It's difficult to know which will be the hits beforehand. But event organizers are getting paid after-the-fact, once these hit games have been established. Takes the speculation out of it.

I'll lay off the sarcasm pipe here and add a bit of empirical/anecdoctal evidence (although I know that is useless and uninteresting, just ask the Great Guru about his research for real, tangible knowledge).

Angel Munoz did so well organizing the CPL (a biannual tournament) years ago that he had to hide where he lived, in fear of community backlash at how nice his (main) residence was compared to the tournament purses. Organizing 2 tournaments a year in some basement was his full time occupation at the time. There was a minor scandal around it when people found out. That was long ago though, other parties may have sharpened up and driven margins down.

Plenty of events go bust though. I wouldn't be surprised that it's one of those things that do really well or really poorly. Certainly no one I've ever talked to who organized tourneys has ever expressed regret, even 15-man doritofests crammed in a single office down in Podunk town, right by Nowhere City.



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Re: Video Gaming Industry
« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2019, 12:34:33 AM »
Longtime lurker here to tell you I gained almost no useful information but a lot of laughs from this thread. Stop pulling each otherís ties lads! The hall monitor is coming! Heíll grab you by your lapels, shake you round and hang you up on a coatrack!

So.. which companies are the reliable moneymakers in this industry? I donít know enough to have an opinion.


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Re: Video Gaming Industry
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writser wanted a riot on CoBF.


Stop pulling the punches guys. Get your BFGs, grenade launchers, fireballs and nuke each other into smithereens. Preferably live on Twitch. With smack talking.

We want to see your rigs! We want to watch your skillz!

We'll pay some good (in-game) money for that!

Let's Ruuumble! #letsRUMBL
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Re: Video Gaming Industry
« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2019, 05:15:27 AM »
I am not an expert of gaming, but it seem to me that the industry has a lot of tailwinds. The move to digital distribution and having the game essentially in the cloud saves costs, makes them more platform independent and probably over the long haul cheaper to develop. It also increases the game longevity by keeping users engaged with small updates etc. The ubiquity of smartphones allows for more gaming time. EA for example looks like a decent value. They have the FIFA franchise, which has been a money maker forever and probably will continue to be.

I am also curious how GOOG stadia platform works out. This could become a nice subscription based business and also be beneficial to game producers.
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