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Biotechnology and healthcare investing
« on: November 15, 2018, 11:49:34 AM »
Hoping for some pointers to a personal question that others may relate to as well. I am a physician and educator, completed my MBA with focus areas in healthcare and investing earlier this year, and studied valuation through an NYU course in the summer. I am an active investor with a full time job that I am happy in. It's been helpful to learn randomly one idea at a time, and use my IRA as a learning lab for the last three years while remaining focused in my area of expertise of Infectious diseases. However, venturing outside this little area has been hard. Like many of you, i've progressed from studying ideas to understanding a company to at least trying to map out an industry ecosystem and see how it will dynamically evolve, sometimes the hard way. However, most ideas end up falling into the disconfirmed or too hard bucket.

I'm interested in learning more about biotechnology and healthcare related investing and looking for advice on how to build skills both in investing in individual companies as well as building a strong portfolio. Do you invest in these fields at all? Can you share any advice on how to learn further in this sector, and any resources, books, or people who working with or following may help in learning more about investing in these fields. Do you have any favorites or go to people or resources for this sector?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts. With gratitude.


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Re: Biotechnology and healthcare investing
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I'd have thought one of the best ways to begin is reading Annual Reports (and Quarterly ones) from the various closed-end funds specialising in Healthcare and Biotech.  There are a number in the UK and Switzerland.  Orbimed (US-based) and BB (Swiss) are the two big names, and their listed funds have a lot of commentary and resources.

This is on my reading pile, though I  have no relevant background, so I'm sure you'll get much more out of it.

There is also the more early-stage stuff, where again you can find some UK permanent capital vehicles with literature.  Woodford Patient Capital Trust - it hasn't done well so far, but I think there are definitely some interesting companies in the portfolio (e.g. Autolus).  And the big UK universities are also supporting this sort of stuff through vehicles like IP Group.

I hope that's some help.

Let me know if you make any interesting findings!