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Re: AAPL - Apple Inc.
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It's not competition to Netflix. They're just starting out, they don't own an existing library like Disney.. it's a way to get more people inside the Apple TV app, where they can subscribe to other channels (like Amazon does), which can be a decently lucrative source of recurring revs, and a way to make the ecosystem a bit stickier. Over time they might build it into something more, but I think they doing it right by starting small and taking their time rather than try to do everything at once and having a ton of execution risk.
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Re: AAPL - Apple Inc.
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I donít have particularly high expectations for TV+ either, but weíll see.  I remember having a similar, slightly negative reaction to Netflix when I first found out about their streaming service earlier in the decade ($6/mo or whatever for access to a couple of original shows with strange premises, a rotating roster of maybe two good movies at any given time, and a large collection of lower quality videos?) and I didnít bother signing up until everyone was talking about how great Breaking Bad was.  So Iíve decided to just wait and see what Apple actually puts out.  Itís a tricky business IMO where one big hit can make a huge difference.
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Re: AAPL - Apple Inc.
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Iger's out & there's still no Mickey Mouse phone.
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