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Hey all:

Interesting article about how polluting electric cars are.  Seems that electric cars pollute more than diesel cars do.  Please check out:

LOL...zerohedge. Almost as valuable "DD" as those who quote #TSLAQ twitter accounts for their "research".

Gee, let's count all the "carbon" it takes to make electric cars, from the batteries to the metal and compare that with diesel car emissions. Remember, we IGNORE the carbon it takes to drill for crude, to transport it, refine it into diesel, transport that refined product, etc etc as well as the carbon it takes to make that diesel car. Then, conveniently, the electric car somehow seems to be responsible for more CO2 production and we have an easy way to make fun of smug EV drivers.

Clearly a fair, apples to apples comparison.

Maybe Elon ain't so paranoid when he suggests that there may be compromised journalists (fossil fuel industry shills) out there.

Some brilliant insights on this "value investors' forum".
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