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What can ADW really do? I've spoken with Adam and he's sharp, takes big positions, and is loud about them, but I've yet to see him actually affect any change anywhere, especially when dealing with a founder.

I find the whole thing odd. We have an activist saying that Brink is worth $2 billion in 2020 (3x the share price today), but that same activist wants to have the company sold today? Why would you do that? What PE firm looking for a bargain is going to give you say a 100% premium today to make this worthwhile?

We have another firm saying that shares are at least worth $30, but what PE firm is going to want to pay fair value for the assets? I'd see a buyout at $25 maybe, but that's 30% upside for me as a shareholder coupled to a company with no EBITDA, low gross margins, etc. Don't see how that's so asymmetric.

If it were me, I'd be asking for new management and a new board, and get some smart people on it who can build this business.
you don't think Singh fits the bill?

or do you see his appointment as a means to effect that change?

He is a temporary CEO.

I don't think that makes a difference?

Singh was on the board and has experience building.  Even if it's temporary, he will see through the first fund raise and finding his replacement.