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Re: TSLA - Tesla Motors
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Tough to get over Palladium poisoning.

I donít know how Elon can be compared to Tony Stark. Tony Stark for example is much more modest.
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Re: TSLA - Tesla Motors
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Here's a video that talks about the model 3. In it is a guy who tore a couple to bits and really know what he's doing. Would recommend if you wanna know about the 3 or are into cars in general. Really interesting stuff.

A few takeaways:

1. The electronics and the battery are really, really good.

2. The suspension and balance is really good.

3. The mechanical and FFQ bits suck.

4. The manufacturing is bad. The bottom line is that this was a well thought out car put together by people by people who don't know how to make cars.

4.1 I'm sure I'm gonna confuse people a bit here about the design bit but stick with me. One part talked about that if Tesla were to have just designed the car - as in thought out the car. But then went to Magna and let them design and manufacture it. -- Design here refers to the physical design from an engineering and manufacturing point of view. Then they would have had the output they desired, the quality would be impeccable, and it would have been a phenomenal vehicle that would be hard to match in today's market.

5. There's no way they can make a model 3 for $35,000 and make money on it.
Subsequent video From Munro Associates came out today:

Took a U-Turn on margins.
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