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Re: BWEL - J.G. Boswell
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up over 10% today.  who knows why, but read I think tomatoes from Mexico were getting hit with tariff or tariff suspension.  do not know if BWEL even grows tomatoes though

I think they mainly grow cotton and nuts. I am not aware of any tomatoes, and iven if they would, I doubts itís going to be worth 10% of the stock price. Speaking of the stock price, that liquidation sale last fall was quite an opportunity. I bought in size, but in retrospect, it wasnít enough. I still own shares, but sold some at $625. If only my other microcap clunkers would do so well.

Last California crop plan I saw was in their 2004 tender.  That year it was 80k acres of cotton, 18k acres of tomatoes, 20k of alfalfa, 12k of wheat, 3k of garbanzo beans, 3k other, 5k fallow (which was for sale).  In 2002 they purchased majority interest in Rio Bravo Tomato Company which at the time produced 230 million pounds of tomato paste annually.