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Re: CALVF - Caledonia Mining
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I have not yet reached out to management.  I will probably do so as the year progresses.

Management has discussed the power issue(s) in their YouTube videos.  One of the issues is that while they get power most of the work day, the QUALITY of the power is lacking.  That is, there are spikes & dips in voltage which is damaging to their machinery.  There are also very short outages.  If the power goes out for even a second, it will require machinery to be reset.  So what they really need is to get raw power off the grid and then have a power conditioner on site.  Sort of like a giant UPS for computers.

As for solar power, I suspect that their location is an area where it would make sense.  Lots & lots of strong sun light, relatively few days of rain.  At first I was thinking that it would make more sense to have diesel backup generators...but you would have to import the diesel.  This would require foreign currency AND logistical problems, AND taxation problems.  Solar power bypasses a lot of that.  No taxation/import restrictions on sun light!

So we will see.  I suspect that management will start to work on the power issues more fully when the 2nd shaft is up & running fully.  They will have 1 major thing completed, and then they can more fully turn their attention to the next problem.  They will also have the NEED for more electricity with 2 shafts running.

Finally, they are exploring other projects in ZIM.  If they can set up a solar plant at the Blanket Mine, could they also use that solar facility for a 2nd location?  Maybe?

Going to be interesting!