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CCUR - CCUR Holdings, Inc.
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:39:43 AM »
Pretty simple story here.

An activist investor has been building up his position since mid-2017 and now owns 39% of the company.

The company completely finished selling off off their core assets in January of this year.

Their current CEO and President was appointed in February of this year and has been on the board (including serving as chairman effective July, 2017) since 2016. The board and management are relatively new.

CCUR was delisted from NASDAQ in March of 2018.

On top of a real estate subsidiary that they recently established, they have been looking to deploy their cash on hand by acquisition... if no reasonably priced business is found, the company liquidates and returns money to shareholders.

Turn to October 2nd, 2018, they signed a letter of intent to buy 80% of a company called LuxeMark Capital. Has anybody ever heard of this company?

CCUR currently trades under net liquidation value... seems that the market doesn't think too highly of this potential acquisition. Shares also sold off when they were delisted from NASDAQ... the only operating business they only have right now is their real estate business.
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