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Re: BOL.PA - Bolloré SA
« Reply #90 on: November 06, 2018, 08:43:50 AM »
From the "What are you buying today?" topic today:

I've bought trackers in the following companies:

Bolloré SA [CoBF Investment Ideas topic] [Company Website] For my part, ODET.PA has to wait for now, ...


My concern with Bollore is what happens after Vincent Bollore retires? Does he have the depth of management in place that BRK does?  Look forward to your thoughts.



Right now, I'm unopinionated on that matter, because of lack of knowledge [<-rb has posted recently, that he thought I would do well in politics [ : - D ] - It translates to "I don't know."].

The only thing that I right now feel confident about, is that I will be entertained by studying Vincent Bolloré's doings in hindsight after reading the Wikipedia article about him. [I think it was the French one, that was the best.] It's about going basically from zero to where he is today with BOL.PA [& ODET.PA]. I simply can't help but admire deeply such an achievement.

On my way I'll post my comments & observations here ... - perhaps we can get this topic going again. [I sure understand why some of our fellow board members have pulled their feelers here.]

Your concerns appear both relevant and important.
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Re: BOL.PA - Bollore
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Anyone that could get the SocGen initiation, I would love a copy.