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NHP.v - Mondias natural products
« on: June 06, 2019, 03:26:11 AM »
It is very early but I think we should keep this company on our radar and see the execution. Not a company for most value investors here but maybe some could have interest over long term if the company execute... and have good numbers. It is a microcap company with a $ 13 M marketcap. Last trade had been at $ 0.21. I guess we could do a much better tracking/due diligence if we work together to learn more about the company and the products. I'm very interested to know if you can share some new informations about the company or the sector.

Company description

Mondias Natural Products Inc. specializes in the commercialization and development of evidence-based botanical products for the bio-agriculture and healthcare markets. Mondias is focused on large  markets, such as biopesticides, biostimulants, agriculture, cannabis, sleeping aids, wound healing, acne, nail fungus, and hair loss. The Company has a large IP portfolio, including 53 products with Health Canada Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) and 4 patents. Mondias generates some revenues by selling its products through its Holizen division and web platform (


« Mondias’ main product, CELEXT07, is a next-generation biostimulant/biopesticide aimed at the pesticide market, a US$75 billion market (source: Research and Markets, August 2018). CELEXT07 is one of the rare biopesticides that work and sell at a comparable price point as pesticides. In the wake of the Roundup trials and the increasing bad reputation of pesticides across the globe, CELEXT07 could make its place in this large market.

CELEXT07 was developed and tested in collaboration with McGill University. It had successful large-scale greenhouse trials on various crops and plants, and positive field tests on cannabis plants with a leading cannabis producer.

CELEXT07 is ready to market and Mondias has secured the production capacity needed to meet demand from potential clients. Mondias is presently looking at selling CELEXT07 through various sales channels and markets, including the agriculture, horticulture, cannabis and hops markets.

Share structure

Mondias presently has 63.1 million shares outstanding, with insiders holding 58% of the shares.

Shares outstanding


Warrants (exercise price: $0.25, expiring on June 20, 2019)


Options (average exercise price: $0.235)


Fully diluted shares


June 5th, 2019



Biopesticide/biostimulant segment

Over 200 biopesticides are currently sold in the United States, and 60 in the European Union. More than 225 microbial biopesticides are made in 30 countries within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. About 45% of all biopesticide use is in North America (Source: NAFTA).

Large companies such as Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Novartis have their own biopesticide brands.  To my limited knowledge (I can be wrong here) the only pure biopesticide company listed on the stock market is Marrone Bio Innovations, with a market capitalization of over US$200 million, and there are also other biopesticide private producers. »

Natural products segment

Most of Mondias’ competitors are private companies. I don't have much info about it.

Financing risk

Mondias is an early-stage company with limited sales ($500 k). The process to have its CELEXT07 product approved from buyers and distributors can take few months to few years, depending of the client’s requirements. Mondias has started this process with various companies at the beginning of 2019.


Since listing its shares in November 2018, Mondias has been developing its sales network and has been in discussions with various agricultural, horticulture, cannabis and hops growers in relation with CELEXT07. One of Mondias’ catalysts for 2019 could be to negociate a distribution or partnership agreement with one of those companies.

Current valuation

As there are no real comparables and only few months sales, the valuation is based on the IP portfolio-including 53 products with Health Canada Natural Product Numbers- and 4 patents. Future milestones will help to value the company


Mondias’ main focus is CELEXT07. The Company expects to sign distribution agreements or enter into partnerships.

Mondias looks at complementary acquisitions.

Mondias should also pursue the development of other products. They announced they should launch a new line of sleeping aids natural products and should its Holizen sales activities in Western Canada.

For more information you can read the corporate presentation :

I own a position. Let see if the execution will generate significant profits and cash flow on a per share basis. Thanks to the company, they helped with the content of this text, a new sector to me.
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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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Who are those large players ?

Mondias announces the results of its annual meeting
MONTREAL, June 11, 2019 /CNW/ - Mondias Naturals Inc. ("Mondias" or the "Company") (TSXV: NHP) is pleased to announce the results of its annual general and special meeting of shareholders (the "Meeting"), which was held yesterday in Montreal, Quebec. All of the nominees listed in the Company's management information circular dated May 6, 2019, were re-elected as directors.
"This has been a very good first six months for Mondias as a newly listed public company," said Jean-Philippe Gravel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mondias. "Our proprietary CELEXT07 bio-defense stimulant plant extract is attracting increasing interest from large players in the agricultural, horticulture and cannabis industries. Our consumer health products sector is also progressing as expected, as we are preparing to launch a new line of sleeping aids products for the second part of 2019. These initiatives, along with others planned for later in the year, will enable Mondias to generate growth and new opportunities in 2019."
"The Board is pleased with the results obtained to date and is strongly committed in helping Mondias to pursue its strategic growth plan. Our Board has the market expertise and skill set needed to guide the Company in creating value for our shareholders," added Mr. André Rancourt, Executive Chairman of Mondias.
A total of 43 shareholders were represented in person or by proxy at the Meeting, holding 42,663,175 shares, or 67.57% of Mondias' issued and outstanding shares.
Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors are set out below:
Votes % Votes % Nominee for for withheld withheld
André Rancourt 42,648,175 99.96% 15,000 00.04%
Frank Palantoni 42,648,175 99.96% 15,000 00.04%
Bertrand Venne 42,648,175 99.96% 15,000 00.04%
Michel Timperio 42,648,175 99.96% 15,000 00.04%
Louis Doyle 42,648,175 99.96% 15,000 00.04%
All other matters presented for shareholder approval at the Meeting were approved, as follows:
Appointment of UHY McGovern Hurley LLP, Chartered Accountants, as auditors of the Company for the coming year and authorization of the directors to establish their remuneration; Amendment and ratification of the Company's existing stock option plan; and
Granting of stock options to purchase up to an aggregate of 3,200,000 common shares under the amended rolling option plan.


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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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NHP.v has common large shareholders with TPB.v. TPB.v has a relationship with Aphria (APHA, NYSE).

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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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When you read articles like this today you only hope than solutions can be found. By Mondias or an another company but it seems an important health issue (new french article).


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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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I just looked at their corporate presentation.
Disclosure: Hard to tell the market potential of 'natural' products.

A major hurdle though would be removed with the evidence-based realization of the 'toxicity' of 'non-natural' products. My opinion (contrary to the certainty level that some imply, in the linked article and others) is that the causal link, on a legal balance of probability basis, has been and will continue to be hard to determine on a large scale. For most of the diseases, the cause is not even known or understood, genetics plays a large and determining role, and the outcome is likely multi-factorial.

China may be doing the world a favor in terms of evidence because the use of pesticides has been multiplied since the early 90's and now stands at about 6x the level of the US on a per hectare basis. The toxicity, if significant, show eventually show up in Parkinson statistics and others.


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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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Good points Cigarbutt, we need more science to solve health issues like this. Take a look to this article about a well known product.


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Re: NHP.v - Mondias natural products
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