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Re: CSU - Constellation Software
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TSS going into France:

Félix Informatique is a software provider focusing on several vertical markets with industry-specific ERP solutions. Ecolix is the multi-language management software suite for the retail furniture market, which manages the entire commercial activity from a single store to multi-brands and covers point of sale and e-commerce activities. Furthermore, Félix offers management and cash flow solutions for the restaurant and food retail industry, under the brand Orchestra Software.

Félix Informatique also has a solution for metrology, from the management of measuring instrument fleets and calibration assistance, quality control and statistical analysis, industrial weighing management, to weighing management and traceability.

Next to Cosoluce and Héliantis, this is our second investment in France, creating a solid base to continue growing and expanding our foothold there.

For over 30 years, Félix Informatique has been designing business software for commerce and industry serving around 3,000 clients.

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