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Re: DAP-U.V - Xpel Technologies
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NLM-   I think you've nailed it.  PPF will certainly avoid some dings and thereby raise the resale value of your car, but perhaps not always to a degree that makes the investment worthwhile.  But the psychological pain of seeing your baby scratched - due to one's decisions on where to drive/park - can be significant.

My Audi has close to 100k miles on it yet looks almost new.  Finding a new scratch really bugs me.  I've done a lot of minor spot painting with the help of my brothers' tools. 

If I ever spend >$50k on a car, I might just get PPF even though I'll probably only recoup part of the investment.

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Re: DAP-U.V - Xpel Technologies
« Reply #211 on: May 30, 2019, 09:13:11 AM »
Overall, Q1 results were better than I expected. They guided for Q1 revenue to decline "modestly" Y/Y, and it declined by 1.6%. A 1.6% decline seems quite modest.

The business is performing well everywhere other than China.

Gross margin came in solid, and driving it higher is a "top priority."

They are doing more installer training and their 2019 conference was "the best attended ever"

Revenue was up 10% Y/Y in April. Guidance is for Q2 revenue to be flat Y/Y, but management admitted on the call that they are guiding "conservatively."

Finally, anyone else think this may pop higher once it gets a Nasdaq listing? Based in San Antonio, the US is the largest market by revenue, etc. The TSX Venture isn't where this needs to be traded.