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Re: SSNLF - Samsung Electronics
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Re: SSNLF - Samsung Electronics
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Heir today, gone slam tomorrow...  ;D
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Re: SSNLF - Samsung Electronics
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I've owned this (the preferred GDR) for a couple of years and to my mind it is still an incredibly cheap stock. They earned 42 trillion Won last year and that will likely rise to about 50 this year. The EV calculated on the preferred is just north of 200.

Even if the chip boom peters out the stock is far from expensive. The capital allocation has improved and 50% of FCF will go towards dividends and buybacks in the coming three years. The combined buyback/dividend yield will approach 10%.

You can look at it this way: their shareholder returns are a couple of years behind Apple in their development. You can get this with healthy growth and at a 20% discount to the common stock if you buy the GDR. The moves towards better corporate governance and more optimized capital allocation are not fast but they are still undeniable at this point.

I'd love to hear an alternative perspective. 
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Re: SSNLF - Samsung Electronics
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Hey guys,
At IVIC18, we had to presenters mentioning Samsung as a long. You might enjoy the presentations: Andrés Allende of cobas and Kurt Kara of Maj Invest:
It really looks cheap at the moment. I hope some of the catalysts will be realized, as I am also invested.