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The brand damage is a bigger issue (at least for the consumer business/the original) than the monetary awards, is my off the cuff take.  People are already switching to other brands, like some of the unilever brands and some of the newer ones.
This post is not meant to show disrespect to the potential link between cancer and a product sold by a corporation and is simply about the enduring popularity (and profitability) of certain products that is not closely linked to the notion of toxicity.

In the early 2000's, lawsuits against McDonald's were in vogue based on the inadvertent (?!) weight gain associated to attending such places. Buying MCD then would have resulted in an "easy" 10-bagger, breezing through a great derangement. Sin stocks tend to do well and "health" companies will tend to follow suit.

This may be an off the cuff conclusion but I would say that eating daily at McDonald's is more toxic and carcinogenic than daily application of baby powder on genitals. And Vaseline Ⓡ may be next in line before we go full circle and a ban is proposed on dihydrogen monoxide.