Author Topic: So Do They Hate Israel Too!?  (Read 2348 times)


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Re: So Do They Hate Israel Too!?
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Democrats should be treated precisely the same way Republicans have been treated on these types of issues. Trump and other Republicans are not simply measured by their words. They are measured by their dog whistles (hidden messages for racists), their associations, etc. BDS is an anti-semitic organization as far as I'm concerned...just as Democrats get to define racism, I've decided I get to define whatever the fuck I want. Anyone who is part of BDS is an anti-semite. Anyone who associates with someone who is a part of BDS has anti-semitic associations and is suspect.

Lets remember that she tweeted that Israel had hypnotized the world. This is not a dog-whistle...its straightforward anti-semitism. She also tweeted that "It's all about the Benjamin's baby". and then when asked who was paying politicians...tweeted "AIPAC". This is direct anti-semitism.

Finally she actually tried to pass a bill supporting BDS:

Has Trump ever called for a bill to support the KKK!!?

If for ever one second Democrats were treated the way Republicans are...the whole squad would have to resign.


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Re: So Do They Hate Israel Too!?
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Are those who support tariffs and sanctions against Russia and China racist against Chinese people and Russian people?

Or is it too difficult to see the difference between a nation state and the ethnicity of the people living there?
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