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Re: This is the Left
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2018, 06:14:07 AM »
I'm shutting up now. I've said what needed to be said. There's way less upside than people think, and the downside risk is being underestimated.

Thanks for the challenge.
Some thoughts even if relatively new here. Got involved in "social" forums in 2016 because of a specific investment "event" and also because of another "event", political this one.

Would be tempted to accept your arguments but will humbly offer the following comments for the "community".

Re-reading parts of De Tocqueville's "ramblings" about America appeased views about noisy and emotional rants. Free speech means one has to accept a certain decline in civility, to what extent remains to be defined and monitored (as a group?). A parallel discussion concerning a specific potential multi-bagger idea seems to be a typical example of the low standard of behavior sometimes acceptable given the principle of all men and women created equal. I come to the conclusion that tolerating some of that is not necessarily deplorable.

I guess you could just ignore and hope that the ratio of investment ideas to political ideas inversely adjusts to the price action/value cycle. Anyways, that's what I hope/expect and will try to improve my contribution ratio.

BTW, maybe difficult to reconcile with the "level" of recent discussions but just came across this:


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Re: This is the Left
« Reply #21 on: October 18, 2018, 08:37:00 AM »

There are plenty of places to argue about politics on the internet.  Why, oh why, does CoBF have to be one of them?  No one is convincing anyone else to change their mind and, instead, we're now sowing division among board members.

Sanjeev - It's completely up to you, but if I had a vote I'd vote to get rid of all of the political stuff on this board.

I'd go a little further and say if politics isn't banned from the forum, except where it's narrowly being discussed as it relates to a specific investment case, it'll probably end up destroying the board.
I think Sanjeev needs to decide what COBF's business is, then stick to it.

I have said these things couple years ago.
I think that it's already too late.
"Before you can be rich, you must be poor." - Nef Anyo
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Re: This is the Left
« Reply #22 on: October 18, 2018, 02:20:23 PM »
The noise doesn't bother me. It's fun to see what people think.

My bubble was popped by a couple from SF that wouldn't agree with me that aborting an 8 month old is murder after an hour of discussion, and I'm pro choice, to a point. "It's just a parasite"

Other than results, I can't think of anything that's given me confidence of a great disparity in people's feelings as it relates to investing than seeing clearly the bifurcation in politics. The predilections are strong in our species.