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Re: POLL - Trump's Behavior
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A President we can all be proud of:

Trump licensed his name to a third-party condo developer who built a condo and sold the apartments to the public.  Unbeknownst to the developer, some of the buyers used drug money to buy those units.  Yet, in your eyes, Trump is therefore involved in money laundering for drug cartels?

You aren't serious are you?

I get that there's only so much control over what you do when you license your name out.

But for Trump this is just another story in a line of stories that, in total, don't pass the smell test. And at this point, these events are barely even news because the expectations have been set so low.

The dude has a history of working with shady people. I mean, I myself have found out that I've worked with shady people in the past. It teaches me a lesson: I don't want to work with these types of people, therefore I look for XYZ red flags in the future. I just don't see that attitude with Trump.

A guy like Buffett puts his name on something and then takes the responsibility if sh1t hits the fan. And therfore, he's very careful when he puts his name on something. Trump is about as careful as a bull in a china shop, because he doesn't take the responsibility. I don't expect some release saying "we acknowledge these problems with our licensees, and therefore will institute XYZ controls to be more careful about how our brand is licensed".

When I read the article it just struck me as a very Trump-particular event.
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