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Crony/corrupt capitalism is not capitalism.

In crony/corrupt capitalism, at a certain amount of wealth whole families can remove themselves from the constraints of capitalism.  This is one of the reasons why reducing inequality is imperative to the capitalistic system, otherwise, it gets slowly eaten from the inside.

BTW, here's a recent talk by Greenblatt about Charter schools.

Sure, but these people aren't billionaires.  If you want to tax "the rich" so much that there is no one left who could afford to pay a bribe, you would also destroy capitalism.  The problem isn't that some people have more money than others, the problem is that some accept bribes.  Taking all money in excess of that needed to survive (so that there is nothing left to pay a bribe with) is the same reasoning behind banning guns/knives because it gives you the ability to shoot/stab someone.  The problem isn't owning excess money in the bank or having knives in your kitchen, the problem is people who use those things inappropriately.

Bribery has nothing tondo with capitalism, or any other economic system for that matter. Bribery existed in communist states, religious/Islamic states and particular in any economically depressed economy. Itís more of a cultural issue and in some cultures, it is more acceptable than in others. It looks like in the US, it is more accepted than I thought.
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