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Investment Ideas / Re: TI-A Telecom Italia
« Last post by Spekulatius on Today at 03:44:36 PM »
Telecom Italia keen to discuss fiber-to-the-home tie-up with Open Fiber

TI is worth a shot at this price!

Yep, nibbled a bit on Ti/A today.
General Discussion / Your Username/Persona.
« Last post by doughishere on Today at 03:31:50 PM »
This is something to think about as you progress through your life but you have a digital footprint that is very real and doesnt take much talent other than putting a few keywords in a google search.

I'm not going to get all preachy and ive made my share of mistakes through life but it is something you should consider and think about. I do from time to time.

The internet wont go away. The information stored on it wont go away. Videos/Comments/Tweets/Whatever. For instance people are watching every tweet Elon Musk makes and recording them in a time line. Tweets are being used in court cases...SMS text messages are being used in court cases as evidence. These types of things.

Your messages and internet traffic may be being routed through god knows what. Apps are saving messages hidden on your phones.....these things are real.

And this isnt just about politics or the latest outrage. You can literally view old Michael Burry posts from 2000 and before. Theyre not even that hard to find.


These are just examples and the same goes for me. Just some thoughts.
Politics / Re: Border patrol detention centers
« Last post by tengen on Today at 03:18:05 PM »
I have to say rkbabang, I can't help but chuckle at your chutzpah.
Politics / Re: Canada should welcome more US migrants/refugees?
« Last post by MarkS on Today at 03:08:51 PM »
Hi Sharper,
Don't you think that the comparison to South Africa a little stretched?  In South Africa you had a very small percentage of whites (probably less that 10%) controlling a country that was overwhelmingly black.  The USA was once an overwhelmingly white country which has been undergoing a dramatic transformation primarily because of open borders. 
Politics / Re: Canada should welcome more US migrants/refugees?
« Last post by SharperDingaan on Today at 02:53:32 PM »
What Trump is doing is very similar to what the South-Africans were doing in the apartheid era.
And not that far from typical Israeli practice in the occupied territories.
Rallying fear is not new.

The 'fear' was always that were 'they' to get the 'vote'; the many times larger (but tribal) black population would displace the two white (afrikaaners & english) 'tribes' from power. While apartheid was largely designed to protect the jobs of lower-skilled (largely rural) afrikaaners, over time the afrikaans % of the white tribes fell, and their ability to hold onto power declined. Substitute 'North' and  'South' as the white tribes, 'South' for afrikaaners, and Mexican/South American migrants for the tribal black population.

Fundamentally; technology is replacing many of the jobs that the lower skilled 'South' relied upon.
For those jobs left, migrants are undercuting wages & sending the proceeds home (for a better life). Southern families are seeing their (& future) generations become steadily worse off than previous generations, and their standards-of-living decline to 3rd world levels. That 3rd world status becoming visible when hurricanes show up (New Orleans, Puerto Rico). And those illegals keep coming because US businesses keep paying them under the table; cut the money flow (employment, drug purchases) and you will cut migration.

It can however produce some very funny 'side-effects'
A 'white' south-african, born in africa, counts as a 'visible minority' in N/A affirmative action policies.
Perhaps not quite the original intent.


I pulled these numbers off wikipedia.
Racial and Ethnic Demographics of the United States (Percentages) Between 1910 and 2010

                                 1950.        1960.       1970.       1980.        1990.       2000.      2010.
Hispanic.                    2.1%.        3.2%.       4.4%.       6.4%.       9.0%.     12.5%.    16.3% 
Non-Hispanic White.    87.5%       85.4%.     83.5%.     79.6%.     75.6%.    69.1%.     63.7%

This is a lot to ask of a culture - to essentially go from a overwhelmingly white, homogenous culture to one in which non-hispanic whites are a minority in about a one generation.  That's a lot of cultural stress to inflict on a population.  I feel certain that many will accuse me of racism for making this comment.  Nevertheless, it remains a large ask of a population.
Politics / Re: Border patrol detention centers
« Last post by John Hjorth on Today at 02:27:11 PM »
Welcome to my ignore list, Dough.
General Discussion / Re: A Better Healthcare System
« Last post by scorpioncapital on Today at 02:16:19 PM »
The US system is far superior in technology, access, and options than the Canadian one. I would not wish the limited features of the Canadian system, the wait times, the state appointed and overworked doctors on anyone. I think something like UK or other parts of Europe have the best system. A hybrid system, with more private clinic options. You can pay cash or get referred via the public system. Faster if you pay cash. Also I'd like to see more options like in the US systems. More technology, more research, more cutting edge treatments. UK has an interesting hybrid mix, Germany and Switzerland too. I quite like these systems.

Politics / Re: Border patrol detention centers
« Last post by doughishere on Today at 02:12:32 PM »
*POOF* [one click by Sanjeev - and for sure, I understand that decision] did just happen in the General Discussion forum in a topic, that was absolutely worthy of discussion, based on a very good starting post by Cardboard.

What a shame.

Why even derail a topic in the General Discussion forum worthy a discussion with what's going in this topic, Dough?

Hi John,

I meant to move it to the Politics board, but accidentally deleted the thing.  Unfortunately, it was on the wrong board, and before I realized what I clicked, it was gone.


Thank you for the elaboration, Sanjeev!,

Mishaps, misunderstandings, whatever - what do they even matter? - We just need to work them out - by communicating! - It's that plain simple ... -We really here on CoBF need each other to get better at investing! - data-, facts- and evidence-driven posts does not harm in any way!

- - - o 0 o - - -


No apology for your baseless attack on me and you talk about "data, facts and evidence". lol.  did i tilt you deserve this?
Politics / Re: Border patrol detention centers
« Last post by Gregmal on Today at 02:06:05 PM »
Aspects of this situation remind me of the mortgage crisis and foreclosure waves. People got greedy, bought houses they couldn't afford, and signed horrible contracts. All things they willfully chose to do. The repercussions were awful, but they had only themselves to blame for the situation. But then, there was all this outrage over the banks foreclosing on people and "taking away their homes"...

Nobody is forcing these people to illegally cross the border. Frankly, you have to be some kind of moron to even attempt this given the degree to which this has become such a hot button, politically charged issue. There has literally never been a more dangerous time to attempt something like this, and anyone doing so is a complete fool because you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Additionally it is quite selfish to knowingly, potentially put your kids through that as well.. Regardless of how awful the Trump administration policy is; and it is downright awful. Like the old Arabic laws that cut off people's hands for stealing an apple... As much as there are things I like about the new administration, certain things are just way too Machiavellian for me, this being one of them. But you know how you avoid this? Don't break the law. It's not exactly like these people are fleeing Raqqa or Mosul either...

The country as a whole, whether it be people taking out risky mortgages, inner city crime, people taking out retarded amounts of student loans for a questionable degree, or illegal immigration, etc, Americans need to stop justifying, rationalizing, and sympathizing with people who make stupid decisions and end up in a tough spot because of it.
They have $100's of millions of assets that can be sold to easily cover.

Out of interest, what should they prioritise selling in your view? The obvious assets (DPM, Parq, and the Chad royalty) aren't at a point where they could be sold for full value. And the others, well, who knows if there is much value there at all?
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