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Investment Ideas / Re: CHTR - Charter Communications
« Last post by walkie518 on Today at 04:09:28 PM »
Unless someone can correct me, it seems as though Charter is very attractive here?

Increasing capex for mobile initiative plus reduction of debt might be the impetus for downward pressure on the stock?  Mgmt is simply buying less shares back than last year too?

This doesn't seem to be a reason to sell, but to build a bigger position? 

Of course, the floor is not defined, but does anyone have a feel for how sustainable the $11B cash from operations may be?
Mine finally was changed - what a completely useless update. I guess I'll find a different service to use.

Give Rocket a try for tracking portfolios and watch lists:

In addition to the portfolio tracker it has a ton of other features that you might find useful like detailed financials, SEC filings, email alerts, a stock screener, institutional holdings, etc.
Investment Ideas / Re: FB - Facebook
« Last post by Jurgis on Today at 03:27:22 PM »
This discussion is neglecting hot girls who are value investors.

We love them all dearly... 8)

No sexism, biases or prejudices towards hot girls or value investors were intended in my posts.
I am aware that this is thin ice to tread and bow out of further comments.  8)

Peace and love and lollipops 8)
Investment Ideas / Re: LBTYA - Liberty Global
« Last post by Spekulatius on Today at 03:21:11 PM »
I think the cable stocks will not like the increasing interest rates eventually. Considering how utilities have and continue to sell of, I am surprised how well cable stocks have held up.
I lost access to the old Google Finance this week too..
Investment Ideas / Re: PWE - Penn West Petroleum
« Last post by SharperDingaan on Today at 02:52:05 PM »


I found quite funny that they don't like the reverse split. According to SD, FrontFour was all for it  ::)

On that one the solution is easy: status quo, close shop at the NYSE, cut your costs (listing fees, etc.).

The FrontFour plan is a disaster. They basically call for the selling of Viking and Peace River assets at the worst possible time. There are already lots of assets for sale, few takers and terrible valuation. Would not be a bad idea to dispose of their non-core gassy legacy assets but, again the price for it will be next to nothing. Maybe decommissioning liabilities like recently?

Then plow the proceeds to grow the Cardium with no regard to sustainability or decline rate. Their goal is clearly to get a short term pop in the stock by focusing the company on the Cardium, generate some growth excitement, then try to sell a focused company in one asset.

When daddy was there, he tried to get good value for the assets. Not fire sales. The son should be told to go take a hike and I suspect that is exactly what will happen and won't be the first time in the WCSB.


We suggested that a 3:1 RS favoured a longer term orientated institutional versus shorter term orientated retail shareholder base; FF is just one of many institutions, & has a different agenda. We also suggested that the NYSE listing would go, and implied that the consolidated share count would require an equity issue for float purposes.

FF clearly wants out, and is willing to incur the costs of a proxy fight. That's their priviledge.
Conversely, nothing prevents OBE challenging the fiduciary responsibility of making fund owners bear the cost of what could be an expensive bill; all's fair in love and war. Ultimately the fund either takes the risk of a bigger loss later, or 'junior' makes them whole from this point forward - and pays to play.

Show the majority of votes that 'your' plan offers the highest value, and you will win.
That's all that we can ask for.


General Discussion / Re: Basket Cases - SVU, RSH, etc
« Last post by nkp007 on Today at 02:23:58 PM »

Thanks for following up. Must have been a harrowing ride though. What would have happened if you sold at the end of each year? 2013. 2014. 2015. 2016.
Investment Ideas / Re: FB - Facebook
« Last post by NBL0303 on Today at 02:11:43 PM »
Now don't get me wrong, I am a pretty handsome dude, and a good catch!  So of course I became friends with this "woman"...A few days later the same thing happened again!  I wondered why didn't I get on Facebook sooner!  So I sent a message to both these "women"...nothing, radio silence.

You sound incredibly naive. Hot girls don't like value investors.

Yeah. Value investors are cheap bastards who eat dollar menus at McDs. No self respecting hot girl would be caught in such a company.  8)

Although you can always mention your ... net worth.  ::)

This discussion is neglecting hot girls who are value investors.
General Discussion / Re: Basket Cases - SVU, RSH, etc
« Last post by longtermdave on Today at 02:04:46 PM »
A very large number of stocks that Mr. Market seems to view as basket cases have fallen a lot in one year.

A few examples:
- Supervalu -80% - many value investors seem to have owned/bought SVU all the way down
- RadioShack -83% - net-net stock
- Alcatel Lucent -80% - ValueLine likes this one
- Diamond Foods -78% - potential delisting, but how much would that hurt the stock?
- Green Mountain Coffee -80% - David Einhorn shorting, patents expiring.
- Arch Coal -82% - Cheap natural gas, China slowing?
- First Solar -88%
- Targacept -80% - Seth Klarman...
- Netflix -77%
- RIMM -74%
- HP -50%
- Sony -58%
- Terex -42% - Mohnish Pabrai seems to trade in and out of this one
- Portugal Telecom/Telefonica -56%

I'm not for diversification, but it seems that selling safe stocks (JNJ, BRK, KO, etc) and buying a basket of stocks (e.g. 5-10, not necessarily the ones above) would perform very well in 3-5 years. However, this would go against Warren's and Charlie's "it makes more sense to buy a wonderful business at a fair price.".

Personally I would consider selling BRK, JNJ, etc to buy e.g. Portugal Telecom, Terex or Arch Coal when they fall to multi-year or multi-decade lows. I just don't think were there just yet.

Any thoughts on this?

This is a reply to a post from 2012....It's kind of amazing how well you would have done if you'd bought this list in equal amounts on the day he posted and held until today. I looked at this in a very quick and dirty way in 15 minutes, so I didn't count dividends, and counted anything where I couldn't quickly find the ticker in Yahoo as a zero. I still get about 30% annualized returns (XIRR in Excel). In my calculation, almost everything is driven by the huge run-up in Netflix. I was just wondering how a basket approach would do over the long term as opposed to a quick buy and then sell on the run-up, where you might retreat to the "safe" names after taking gains.
Politics / Re: Tillerson is Out
« Last post by rukawa on Today at 02:01:23 PM »
Tillerson should run for office. I'd vote for him, if I were American.
Based on what? His masterful management of the state department?

Based on the fact that he has experience as the CEO of a multinational that operates globally.
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