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Investment Ideas / Re: ALS.TO - Altius Minerals
« Last post by linealdin on Today at 06:28:44 PM »
Voisey’s Bay royalty dispute is scheduled for trial on September 10th in the St. John’s Supreme Court Trial Division docket.

I wonder if they settle right before trial. I don’t think Vale’s lawyers are looking forward to making a ridiculous argument about royalties in a Newfoundland courtroom. The province’s budget depends on enforceable oil and mining royalties, interpreted conservatively. Everyone in the province knows about the history of Voisey’s Bay and the 3% royalty granted to the co-discoverers, Al Chislett and Chris Verbiski.

Vale will definitely lose at trial, just as CITIC lost in an Aussie court when they made ridiculous arguments trying to avoid paying Clive Palmer iron ore royalties. The question is whether they will appeal and how long that process will drag out.

This ain’t Brazil.
"The AV disruption worry is super-silly with the multiples autos are trading at today. Not even the most wild bulls, who are still informed, think that mass-market AVs are imminent. It's emblematic of today's market environment that this is consistently front and center in people's minds even on a value forum.

The potential AV R&D sinkhole would worry me much, much more and would be more in line with how the auto manufacturers have historically burned profits. But blue-eyed tech optimism is the name of the game at the moment and people love to discuss sci-fi scenarios more than anything."

+100 Alwaysinvert!

It is as bad as it was in 1998-2000. Back then, I could buy companies like Sigma-Aldrich and Autozone that were buying back 20% of their shares and trading very cheaply because people envisioned them disappear with the Internet. Then made a few baggers on each. Interestingly, 20 years later, they are still there...

It is interesting that the "E"'s only finally woke up to the danger ahead over the last 4 or 5 trading sessions. What were they thinking about?

Looking at the shit show at Aimia, where dividends have been suspended for a while (still cummulate), it just shows the potential with the Dundee "B" and "D" preferreds with any improvement at the company. These are in a way, with no conversion into stock possible, much safer than the "E"'s on some stampede liquidation.

Dividends have still been declared for September and with the number of assets held, no debt, why not continue? And even if they are cut (they accumulate unless I am mistaken), we have Aimia to look as an example of how bad it can get. For the Aimia "B"'s, I see for example $7.32 as the low but, it did not stay there long.

Investment Ideas / Re: IVI.V - Ivrnet
« Last post by snowball82 on Today at 05:59:03 PM »
@cameronfen, I can understand why you think Goliath should win. That said maybe you should keep David’s company under your radar. I see them as also offering solutions to differents lucrative markets with Safepay and Ivrnet central.

I own a large position

I mean the company looks interesting and ill investigate further.  But I kind of got the impression from the original post that they were really cutting edge in the product when really they were not (and thats fine as lots of investments are boring unsexy companies).


Frankly, it is not the easyest company to understand. Thay have many solutions with differents names (Nextext, Ivrnet Central, Safepay...) offering lots of possibilities (sites management, telephony suite, texting/Rich Communications Services ...) 

That said the last fews recents communications from Ivrnet help to see :

Please let us know if you have more info about Rich Communications Services (RCS) potential. 

Investment Ideas / Re: NL:PSH - Pershing Square Holdings
« Last post by LR1400 on Today at 05:48:19 PM »
How do these people keep getting investor money?
Strategies / Re: How do you control emotion when your stock goes down
« Last post by LR1400 on Today at 05:41:42 PM »
Use a stop loss
Politics / Re: Snowflake Fabrications
« Last post by LC on Today at 05:36:44 PM »
Yes and they also allow abortions. Hence my comment about the states having a political stance and not a scientific one or a humanistic one. Which is why I asked what you think
Investment Ideas / Re: MCF - Contango Oil & Gas
« Last post by Pondside47 on Today at 05:21:31 PM »
It seems John Goff acquired his 18% stake around June at $4.25/share. However, on August 1st, the board announced a "tax loss preservation plan". The plan gives current stock holder the right to purchase 1 share of preferred every 1000 shares they own for a price of $33.72*1000=$33720 per share. Each preferred share is entitled to 1000x the dividend on a common share. I'm quite confused by this step. It seems at this step, the plan couldn't be put out by the board to prevent John Goff from acquiring significant stake since he already had 18% at that point. What's the point of this plan? Also does the $33720 per preferred share subscription price mean anything? These rights are supposed to be trading along the stock. I couldn't find them on my IB account.

Regarding the next step, since John Goff owns a significant stake in Resolute Energy, it seems the logical next step is to divest the legacy producing assets and plow the money into higher return Permian asset. That's what they have done at Resolute Energy, whose stock is up multiple folds the last several years. He could also try to get Resolute and Contango to merge. Thoughts?

Politics / Re: Snowflake Fabrications
« Last post by MarkS on Today at 05:04:01 PM »
It would appear that the bulk of the states along with the federal government - at least when it comes to the taking of the life of an unborn by someone other than the mother and her doctor - would answer you questions in the affirmative.
Investment Ideas / Re: FCAU - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
« Last post by wachtwoord on Today at 04:38:14 PM »

From my side, the only reason I'll gradually be selling is I've made great returns in it the past 5 years and happen to have identified some management teams and businesses I think have the ability to generate long-term Marchionne-type results. Hehe, they also aren't in industries as shitty as the auto one.

You understand this makes people very curious. Willing to share those opportunities?
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