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Berkshire Hathaway / Re: Grand Deja Vu? Techs tanked, BRK surged
« Last post by longinvestor on Today at 11:03:37 AM »
I would say that the tax cut have different effects and the different effects lead to the Lollapalooza. ;)

While we are enjoying giddy prices every day, it seems, I do miss the buying opportunities at lower prices. "Lower" is a relative term, no? We have been spoiled by cheap opportunities (most recently 2015); Rear view mirror for sure.
Video of MMM chatting with the YNAB guy, kind of goofing around, but fun (you can skip the beginning when they're getting set up):
Investment Ideas / Re: BEBE - bebe stores
« Last post by valuedontlie on Today at 10:46:16 AM »
It is potentially a better bet with B Riley in charge of utilizing the tax assets...

As of 9/30/17, they have ~$11m in cash (though potentially lower today), $8.6m BV in real estate, $8.1m receivables, $22.6m liabilities. Works out to slightly positive BV. The tax assets were last marked at $144m (fully reserved) though may be worth slightly less under new tax code.

Their share of JV earnings looks like ~$1m per quarter right now and management indicated that operating costs headed toward zero:

"During fiscal 2017 as a result of continued operating losses, we shut down our retail operations. We have entered into an agreement to provide transition services to a third party that has taken over bebe's online and international licensee businesses. The agreement is scheduled to end October 31, 2017 and we are being paid a fee which we expect to cover substantially all of the costs of providing these services. Once this agreement ends, we will transition to a holding company for our investment in the Joint Venture and we expect to receive a quarterly cash dividend from this investment. In addition, we expect our operating costs to reduce to an insignificant amount once we have completed the transition which we expect to occur by the end of the second quarter of fiscal 2018."

They are not loaded with cash, even after the sale of the LA design studio, so it will be interesting to see what B Riley does from here...
Berkshire Hathaway / Re: GE: Buffett's Last Takeover?
« Last post by Liberty on Today at 10:39:18 AM »
Wouldn't be surprised if they tried to pick up some assets, but they don't do hostile and they usually don't offer the highest price if there's multiple bidders and/or auctions, so it might not happen.
General Discussion / Re: "A Value Opportunity in Preferred Stocks"
« Last post by Liberty on Today at 10:18:27 AM »
New post by the same author (different topic, but didn't want to start a new thread):
Berkshire Hathaway / Re: Grand Deja Vu? Techs tanked, BRK surged
« Last post by Charlie on Today at 10:08:07 AM »
I would say that the tax cut have different effects and the different effects lead to the Lollapalooza. ;)
Investment Ideas / Re: ALS.TO - Altius Minerals
« Last post by linealdin on Today at 10:04:36 AM »

Tayfun Eldem rejoins Alderon as CEO. Morabito steps down as CEO, becomes non-executive chairman of board of directors.

Eldem leaves a job as Managing Director of Iron Ore and Coal for Hatch. That is an important and well-paid position (engineering mines for clients like BHP). The move to Alderon only makes sense if Eldem has a strong belief that he can bring Kami into production in this cycle. I donít think heís interested in sitting around managing Alderonís cash preservation program. He is a mine builder.
Investment Ideas / Re: IDFC Ltd/IDFC Bank (Special sit/spin off India)
« Last post by indirect on Today at 09:55:20 AM »
Does IDFC Ltd have NPA?

whereas IDFC bank is a new bank charter and does not have any previous baggage to drag down returns.
Investment Ideas / Re: BEBE - bebe stores
« Last post by Foreign Tuffett on Today at 09:48:16 AM »
BEBE is up over 30% today on the below news.

This idea worked both better and more quickly than had I anticipated.
Investment Ideas / Re: GXE - Gear Energy
« Last post by tombgrt on Today at 09:40:41 AM »
Don Gray upped his position again with another 400k shares at CAD$0.99 .

January presentation online as well.
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