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Re: Alternative Investments
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Most people think of collectables as just stamps, coin, art, jewelry, toys, cars, rugs, etc.
Held primary for the ‘enjoyment’ of looking at, or using them, while you’re praying for a rise in price!
All physical things .... with zero consideration of intellectual property.

In a former life, and time, I happily miss-spent some youth bootlegging a number of fine beverages that I’d made myself. Well appreciated beer and spirits, using home-built equipment, and ‘ancient’ family recipes that had been heavily modified as they travelled through various parts of Africa. Recipes as collectables, or IP.

Recipes that were resuscitated by family in the UK, brewed up by contract brewers, and product sold at various markets and ethnic events throughout the country. Profits helped put the nephews through universities of their choice, but sadly the cut and thrust of flogging beer did not encourage them to take up business as a career. Serving sorghum-based beer out of a barrel with a calabash, to beating African drumming; and packaging in 3l glass growlers, requires a bit of panache ;D. But it’s great fun.

Recipes/’how to’ knowledge by themselves aren’t worth anything, until you use them.
But the ROI on that IP? Infinity.

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