Author Topic: Hiring virtual assistant and workers for small (mico sized) software company  (Read 1334 times)


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I have been negotiating to buy a tiny software company, (I mean really small), and I just got a huge amount of work in my other business, (I run an angel group in Boston Area). So now I'm strapped for time and trying to decide if I really want to buy this company.

Does anyone have any experience or resources for offloading much of the work,  outsourcing dev team, QA, etc for tiny companies?

I have a part-time technical support/trainer, but a new version of the software is coming (mostly complete) and I need to revamp a tired looking website.

There are two products both in the learning space. We are a reseller in one and sell the other.  (I really can't disclose more than this as the final sale has not been completed.



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I'd say it depends on the nature of what you are expecting. Managing outsources or cosources can be a job in itself. If the project is very customized you may spend almost as much time managing someone to complete what you want, vs. doing it yourself
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If you haven’t read Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week book, I’d recommend it. Covers a lot of this sort of stuff with practical examples.