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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #130 on: May 07, 2020, 07:03:31 AM »
I'm very busy right now in real life, but soon hope to reflect the complete sale of all the airline stocks in the portfolio. The figures reported for the April sales during the AGM will probably only include the shares attributable to Berkshire shareholders. A large proportion of the AAL stake was held in pension funds instead.


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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #131 on: May 07, 2020, 07:06:57 AM »
Thanks Dynamic.  Yes the AAL stake was mostly Ted Weschler so could have been sold with different timing than the Buffett airline positions.


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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #132 on: May 16, 2020, 09:22:55 AM »
With the 13F-HR forms for Berkshire and New England Asset Management both released yesterday, I've updated only the Google sheet that you can copy but not edit. I do not intend to update the publicly editable version I used to do any longer.

As the number of units held is one-millionth of the latest share count (from 10-Q cover page), column I represents the company's total portfolio in millions of dollars.

The 13F date is 31st March 2020, and we know about some changes since then, mostly the complete sale of the four airlines.
Also the sale of a little USB to trim the Berkshire stake plus Benjamin Moore pension stake plus Warren Buffett private stake below 10% combined, all of which I have adjusted for.

There are probably about another $2 billion of sales in April that we cannot yet identify along with about $0.4bn is purchases.

Other than minor increases in the airlines that were reversed in April, PNC Financial was the only increase at +5.4%.

Phillips 66 (PSX) was sold off completely, as expected based on the previous quarter. As we found out in the 10-Q, Wells Fargo was not sold down further, contrary to my expectations.

Goldman Sachs (GS) was sold down 81% so I would not be surprised if it has been sold entirely by now, but we'll have to wait until later to find out.

Other sales look mostly like minor trimming.

One further change is that in the 2019 Berkshire 10-K Note 4 and especially Note 20 the OXY preferred stock and OXY warrants fair values are marked to model and the key inputs are described. The warrants are such a small fair value I haven't tried a Black Scholes approach and just set a fixed value for OXY.warrant.
For the preferred, I came up with an 8.54% discount rate to match the Note 20 valuation and adopted the appropriate per-share value for OXY.preferred

I then adjusted to suit BAC.preferred and found a reasonable value with 6.54% discount rate, which makes the Note 4 value of the Bank of America equity stake at 31st March to match to the nearest $0.1bn rounding, when it had been rounding to $0.1bn too low without including those warrants.

The preferreds and warrants don't contribute to the Look-Through EPS.

Here's the table of position changes since 31st Dec 2019:
AAL_________ American Airlin…Group Inc -100.00% ________________
AAPL________ Apple Inc._______________ ____unch _unchanged count
AMZN________ Amazon Com Inc___________ __-0.70% _________533,300
AXP_________ American Express Co______ ____unch _unchanged count
AXTA________ Axalta Coating …stems Ltd __-0.90% ______21,686,000
BAC_________ Bank of America…rporation ____unch _unchanged count
BAC.preferre Bank of America…red stock ____unch _unchanged count
BIIB________ Biogen Inc.______________ __-0.80% _________643,022
BK__________ Bank of New Yor…llon Corp ____unch _unchanged count
CASS________ Società Cattoli…operativa ____unch _unchanged count
CHTR________ Charter Communi…tions Inc ____unch _unchanged count
COST________ Costco Wholesale Corp____ ____unch _unchanged count
DAL_________ Delta Air Lines, Inc_____ -100.00% ________________
DEO_________ Diageo P L C Spon ADR New ____unch _unchanged count
DVA_________ DaVita HealthCa…tners Inc __-2.50% ______18,043,482
GL__________ Globe Life Inc …ark Corp) ____unch _unchanged count
GM__________ General Motors Co________ __-0.70% ______47,687,000
GS__________ Goldman Sachs Group Inc__ _-81.10% _______2,351,243
HCG_________ Home Capital Gr… (CANADA) ____unch _unchanged count
HKG:1211____ BYD Company Lim… Listing) ____unch _unchanged count
JNJ_________ Johnson & Johnson________ ____unch _unchanged count
JPM_________ JPMorgan Chase & Co______ __-3.00% ______58,259,433
KHC_________ Kraft Heinz Co___________ ____unch _unchanged count
KO__________ Coca-Cola Co_____________ ____unch _unchanged count
KR__________ Kroger Co._______________ ____unch _unchanged count
LBTYA_______ Liberty Global …c Class A __-4.20% ______10,931,000
LBTYK_______ Liberty Global …c Class C ____unch _unchanged count
LILA________ Liberty LiLAC Group A____ __-5.20% _______1,541,123
LILAK_______ Liberty LiLAC Group C____ ____unch _unchanged count
LSXMA_______ Liberty Sirius … Series A ____unch _unchanged count
LSXMK_______ Liberty Sirius … Series C __-1.00% ______23,702,958
LUV_________ Southwest Airls Co_______ -100.00% ________________
LXS_________ Lanxess AG_______________ ____unch _unchanged count
MA__________ MasterCard Inc___________ ____unch _unchanged count
MCO_________ Moody's Corporation______ ____unch _unchanged count
MDLZ________ Mondelez Intern…ional Inc ____unch _unchanged count
MTB_________ M&T Bank Corp____________ ____unch _unchanged count
OXY_________ Occidental Petr…eum Corp. ____unch _unchanged count
OXY.preferre Occidental 8% p…red stock ____unch _unchanged count
OXY.warrant_ Occidental warr…50 strike ____unch _unchanged count
PG__________ Proctor and Gamble_______ ____unch _unchanged count
PNC_________ PNC Financial S…Group Inc ___5.40% ______10,298,484
PSX_________ Phillips 66______________ -100.00% ________________
QSR_________ Restaurant Bran…ional Inc ____unch _unchanged count
RH__________ RH (formerly Re…Holdings) ____unch _unchanged count
SAN_________ Sanofi Euronext Paris____ ____unch _unchanged count
SIRI________ Sirius XM Hldgs Inc______ __-2.80% _____132,418,729
SPY_________ SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust___ ____unch _unchanged count
STNE________ StoneCo Ltd._____________ ____unch _unchanged count
STOR________ Store Capital Corp_______ ____unch _unchanged count
SU__________ Suncor Energy Inc New____ __-0.50% ______14,949,031
SYF_________ Synchrony Financial______ __-3.20% ______20,128,000
TEVA________ Teva Pharmaceut…Ltd (ADR) __-1.10% ______42,789,295
TRV_________ Travelers Companies Inc__ -100.00% ________________
UAL_________ United Continen…dings Inc -100.00% ________________
UPS_________ United Parcel S…Inc (UPS) ____unch _unchanged count
USB_________ U.S. Bancorp_____________ ____unch _unchanged count
V___________ Visa Inc_________________ ____unch _unchanged count
VOO_________ Vanguard S&P 500 ETF_____ ____unch _unchanged count
VRSN________ VeriSign Inc_____________ __-1.70% _______7,768,349
WFC_________ Wells Fargo & Co New_____ ____unch _unchanged count


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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #133 on: July 07, 2020, 07:35:38 AM »
Since Buffett gets a lot of flak for not doing much for Berkshire shareholders recently, I've been curious to track his most recent major material capital allocation decision, which is still the Apple investment.  He also made the decision to reduce Wells Fargo, which not too long ago was Berkshire's largest equity position (if I am remembering correctly).

Berkshire owns 250.867 million AAPL shares as far as we know (most recent disclosures), right now valued at a hair under $95 Billion.

Wells Fargo has 4.1 Billion shares outstanding in total, valuing the entire company at $102 Billion today.

Just for curiosity sake, I am interested to see if Berkshire's position in Apple does in fact cross above the value of the entire Wells Fargo market cap.  Wells looks weak but is probably undervalued by quite a bit (Berkshire stopped selling when the price dropped.  Berkshire's sales were not because of the 10% rule recently, he chose to reduce voluntarily).  Apple is obviously at an all time high and the strength of the business seems fully appreciated these days.

Incidentally, Berkshire's cost basis is $35.287 Billion for the 250,866,566 Apple shares they own.  A gain of just under $60 Billion pretax before the growing dividends are counted. 


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Re: Look through portfolio - Google Sheets with live prices
« Reply #134 on: July 08, 2020, 04:02:43 PM »
This sheet doesn't have the cash/t-bills right? Just making sure I didn't miss a cell.
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