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A short book with authors analysis of Berkshire Hathaway
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I wrote a book on Berkshire Hathaway:”Berkshire Hathaway an opinionated analysis”
It is available in two editions:Kindle and paperback

Bitten by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger bug, over the past decade, I became a value investor, investing my own capital.I have spent a substantial amount of my time during the past decade first studying about and then trying to analyze Berkshire Hathaway.This book presents the thought framework I arrived at for analysis.
Hope is that will stand the test of time in that the principles of framework will also allow for extensibility.

This book provides a qualitative treatment and not a quantitative one. In fact it eschews discussion of numbers and individual businesses(except for a couple which I use to illustrate some thought). The reasoning behind not providing a quantitative treatment is that these change over time and what I intended to provide was something that will be useful to evaluate irrespective of individual business performances, as some businesses are inherently cyclic in nature.

This book is also intentionally a very short one as I have tried to provide a distilled thought of various considerations that are important in my opinion.
My original intended audience is for this book to make sense even to a non-investor, I had my spouse and children in mind, although I hope it will at least spark some good thought(s) if a investment oriented mind comes across it.

This book does not also provide for a traditional treatment of having an index, references to other books etc and I have avoided quoting anything as I intended to share my thoughts and not mimic others. Please ensure you read and agree with the above before considering buying the book, as I do not wish to have buyers disappointed, if they were expecting a traditional book.
I am aware I ask for hard earned dollars of others when I public a book and I do not wish to have a single paid reader disappointed and hence my request.

Bala Thiruppanambakkam