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The Great Depression: A Diary - Benjamin Roth

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The Great Depression:  A Diary

I'm about 1/3 of the way through, but I find it fascinating.

The diarist (is that a word?) is very interested in investing, so he notes a lot of things that should interest people here.

Sea Island:
I read this and enjoyed it as well, its always amazing to find out that there is nothing new under the sun. A nice companion to that book is one titled, Our Mysterious Panics 1830-1930 by Collman which recounts the myraid of financial panics preceedding stock market crash of 1929

I read it as well. Thought it was a great read. Imo it can't hurt to get a good idea of extreme economic conditions and the emotions, financial consequences,.. that come with it.

This looks pretty good--I've been interested in getting an in depth view at financial/stock market history (e.g., in general, but particularly in the US).  I've already read a great deal about various different financial events/times via other investing books, but I would like one that goes through them all in some detail.  Is anyone aware of such a book or should I just read books regarding each individual event?

Thanks for this recommendation. Great book, read and just finished.


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