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Paris, France - meetup
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:49:29 AM »
Hello everyone,

I am a French private value investor, living in Paris. Is there anyone who is / will be in Paris in the coming days or weeks, and would like to meet ?

To briefly introduce myself, I would consider my investment strategy to be deep value, mostly focused on french small and mid caps, but I also occasionally like to buy GARP companies with a safe balance sheet, which I buy when they appear cheap (first one was LVMH, right after the Brexit referendum (06/2016), and the latest one is EssilorLuxottica (04/2019), which I bought just below 100€ per share when the governance crisis between Hubert Sagnières and Leonardo Del Vecchio was making its way in the national newspapers). Recently, I bought a few japanese small caps, realizeing how cheap the market was there (negative EV/EBITDA is commonly observed in Japan).

Looking forward to meeting you,

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