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Changes at the top at Atlas Mara.....

More details here and their relevance to Fairfax

thanks for posting.

the Daily Mail article mentioned that Fairfax Africa had an investment in GroCapital Holdings.  I thought I was following FAH pretty closely, but I guess not because I have never heard of this GroCapital investment.


See at the bottom of their home page which shows the corporate structure including Fairfax Holdings  and Fairfax Africa.

Ihave edited the link to the correct one, thanks Petec.

I think you meant this link:

By the looks of it it might have been part of AFGRI, which might be why you don't know of it separately. It's the holding company for the South African Bank of Athens, bought from National Bank of Greece last year.

Ok. Thanks.

I am little surprised that this announcement did not appear on the FAH website.  I would think that the additional role that Michael Wilkerson is taking on (CEO of Atlas Mara) would warrant a press release.

By the way, FAH made a $51m investment in Consolidated Infrastructure Group last month.  I am glad to see they are putting their cash to use (I just hope it was a good purchase ;)


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