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Re: How Essential Is AutoDesk Products?
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Autodesk and Ansys are not quite in the same competitive space. Ansys' bread-and-butter is simulation (mainly in mech/elec/manufacturing) and Autodesk is really not strong in that area. Autodesk's main strength is in 3D modeling products for architecture and construction -- namely, Autocad, Revit, etc. They also have a strong presence in media and entertainment via Maya and 3ds Max as another poster pointed out. These products have incredible moats and are not going to be replaced in a foreseeable future.

Autodesk is trying hard to get into the mech/elec/manufacturing space with a cloud-based CAD system called Fusion. However, it's mainly used by smaller firms or start-ups. It's primarily a modeling tool but has simulation tools as well -- just not as good as Ansys. Serious and large-scale engineering firms will probably use SolidWorks, CATIA, or NX for modeling and Ansys for simulation. So really, in the mech/elec/manufacturing space the main competitor of Autodesk is Dassault and Siemens. In fact, check out this collaboration initiative between Autodesk and Ansys:

Another thing to note about Autodesk is that they have been a serial acquirer. Basically, make cash with their cash cows and spend that money to expand. At one point a few years ago, I believe they were second to Google in the silicone valley in terms of the number of acquisitions. They had 100+ smaller products (anything related to 3D design) but they are being consolidated. I think much of the future runaways will depend on how smart they are with acquisitions and in managing their portfolio of products.