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Finance/Investing/Trading Oriented Slack Bot
« on: February 22, 2021, 11:54:45 PM »
I have been working on a slack bot/app for market data. I have a few slack instances that I frequent with friends where we discuss investing and trading. All of existing bots/apps had some issues with them. Many of them don't have good breadth of symbols. I have not put into the slack app directory yet but will submit it in the next week or two. I am posting here in case anyone is interested in trying out the beta, providing feedback or feature suggestions.

You can install it from this URL:  I am hosting on AWS Lambda and don't have the vanity domain setup yet for the install page. It requires basic permissions: ability to receive commands, ability to post in channels (invited only) and ability to see messages where it is mentioned. But it does not have the ability to monitor any channels or history. This will be clearly outlined in the installation when slack shows you which permissions are being granted.

Basic functionality/commands it currently supports:
Has a pretty good list of symbols around 32K, includes US stocks, some international (for example 1211.HK or SAP.TO works), has most cryptos, some commodities and forex.
price $symbol - provides a real time price and % change
quote $symbol - provides a more detailed quote, Volume, 52wH/L, market cap, open/close, Volume, PE, 1 year candlestick chart with MA200, MA50, MA20, link to larger chart.
news $symbol - latest articles in the news feed I have. This is not great currently, the news service I have sucks. You get what you pay for. I have been filtering out some of the noise from Zacks, SA and friends but still not good.
holders $symbol - 10 largest institutional holders, share count and recent change
symbol $string - Search for a symbol, for example "symbol Apple" or "symbol Berkshire"
indexes - basic index report.

A couple of things I am thinking about adding in the near future: Earnings Calendar, CF, Balance sheet. The next big thing is supporting user input for things like price alerts or other alerts. I can easily add some screens as well but it I know I don't use them much anymore, not sure if others do.

If you have any feature feedback (even if you don't try it out). Let me know. Comment here or send me a DM.