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« Reply #10 on: August 13, 2019, 11:30:44 AM »
I think if you want a system that connects to first responders (police/fire dept), you'll likely get ADT or whatever other old brands are.
If you want local/cloud/AI monitoring only with DIY setup, then probably get one of the new systems.
Full scale ADT is likely (much?) safer, but also more prone to false positives and costs if police/etc is called on a false positive.
There's quite a bit of ADT hate based on that.
Though this is anecdotal.
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ADT's historical strength was the connectivity (ability to detect an alarm remotely and call first responders) and the stickiness was that it was hooked up thru the phone line.  Nearly impossible to replace without ripping wires and having a service person spend hours at your home.  Now that everything is internet connected they seem like just another competitor in the space and one that, frankly, hasn't kept up with the competition.  The Nest and Ring and SimpliSafe products are amazing.  ADT seems loathe to compete with and cannibalize their own product for fear of killing the golden goose (read up on Kodak there ADT, read up on Kodak).  And then you have the cable companies piling on.  We went with Comcast (xfinity) home security because they bundled it so cheaply with the other products we have and it connects in through their broadband.

With almost 100% margins on monthly monitoring, it appears to be a race to the bottom on hardware and monitoring price.