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Re: ALIOY - Actelion
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..... 3 years later....

looks like the r&d pipeline is about to deliver its first (post spin-off) blockbuster drug......

“While we designed daridorexant to have the optimal profile for a sleep medicine, I am none-the-less stunned by the results. Once approved, by providing daridorexant to the millions of patients with insomnia, Idorsia will have a major impact on this medical, social, and economic problem. It has struck me particularly in these times of confinement that we are living through, that sleep problems are a major issue and require an extremely safe and effective drug that can be used by the many. With these results Idorsia is entering into a new era; less than 3 years since its creation, Idorsia is taking a huge step forward in delivering on the vision to become a fully-fledged biopharmaceutical company.”