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« Reply #1090 on: November 21, 2020, 09:24:07 AM »
Yes, 70 year olds might wish they could find something like Facebook that allowed them to share Hunter Biden's dick pics and speculate the Kamala is Osama with gender confirmation surgery. But they're not going to get that. At best, they'll get a shoddy implementation that suffers from lack of engineering talent (because 80% of engineers are trans). Even with good engineering, it won't be able to afford top-tier hardware/cloud services, since you need F500 companies paying your bandwidth bills to allow unlimited photo/video uploads (and 99% of F500 CEOs are trans). Even if those two problems were somehow solved, it would fail the most critical feature of a social network: connecting you with (almost) everybody you know.

Conservatives aren't going to leave Facebook en masse over politics for the same reason that so many AR-15 lovers stay in California, even though moving one state over would let them own machine guns and pay 0% in income tax. California, like Facebook, is an aggregate product, and as much as you may bitch and moan about some aspects about it, you can't get the other stuff in Henderson, Nevada.

It's not just about getting "I saw Michelle Obama in the primate exhibit at the zoo" posts. Its about sharing those posts with people you love--your grandkids, who are probably not going to accompany you to 1488Book. If this was going to work anywhere, it'd have succeeded with Gab, since Twitter is actually an order of magnitude more simple, as a product, and doesn't actually rely on 1:1 relationships in the conventional social media sense. It didn't, as far as I can tell. And the only explanation is that the people who say they wanted Gab, really just wanted Twitter to become Gab. They don't want to leave Twitter, they just wish it were different.

+1 to all of this