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Re: BAC-WT - Bank of America Warrants
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The ECB stayed silent about the understated big losses and bad loans at Monte Paschi before they tried to raise capital. But European bank investors got their information anyway and Monte Paschi could not raise capital.

I think DB may be having the same problem - Eurozone regulators have zero credibility with investors.

"Disposing of the loans would have produced a huge loss, and Monte Paschi began asking investors for yet more money to stanch the bleeding. Although the bank disclosed the ECBs request to investors, neither it nor the ECB revealed the full scope of the firms challenges."
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Re: BAC-WT - Bank of America Warrants
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Warren Buffett Seeks Fed Leeway to Boost Stake in Bank of America Past 10%

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Re: BAC-WT - Bank of America Warrants
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Pretty much no talk about the Big 4 US banks here on CoBF the last few days after the 2019Q3 Quarterly Earnings Releases.

[I post in the BAC topic here, as a "cross-over post", as an over-all & general coverage of them all, because BAC seems here on CoBF to have the best traction with regard to posting frequency from the CoBF members.]

My overall perception is [I haven't yet spent that much time looking in depth on the numbers though], that they are all still doing quite well, despite several kinds of US & global "muddy waters" & headwinds on net interest income.

I see slight increases in loan loss provisions.

There is an one-time litigation provision dent in 2019Q3 for WFC, which could be expected with the new WFC CEO at the steering wheel.

The same seems visible for BAC in the income statement item called "Other non-interest operating expenses" that has peaked in 2019Q3. I found this in BAC 2019Q3 Earnings Release, p. 6, section "All other" :

... Noninterest expense included $2.1 billion pretax impairment charge related to the notice of termination of the merchant services joint venture at the conclusion of its current term as well as higher legacy mortgage-related litigation expense. ...
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