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"When a Bayer lawyer asked one juror what the panel needed as proof that the Monsanto product was safe, the juror replied, “I wanted you to get up and drink it.”

“The first thing I do when I meet a stranger is, I tell him that I’m a lawyer, that I sue Monsanto, because people immediately go, ‘Good man, let me buy you a drink.’ ” He adds: “Everywhere I go, it’s amazing, everyone f---ing hates these guys. It’s great.”

"Millions of farmers still rely on Roundup, however, and argue that nonglyphosate products would potentially be worse for the environment. When reporters recently toured Bayer’s crop science division, employees backed Baumann, saying the Roundup litigation isn’t only misplaced, it’s also a distraction from the company’s mission to develop much-needed agricultural technology to produce more food on less land.  “The challenge just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” said Condon, the division chief. Baumann remains as placid and soft-spoken as ever. In early September he traveled to Frankfurt to attend meetings. Seated in the courtyard of the five-star Villa Kennedy hotel, he looked tan and relaxed. Eighty percent of his personal wealth is invested in Bayer, but he said he wasn’t losing sleep over the Roundup litigation"
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